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An all-season sports and entertainment complex will appear at the Prokshino station in Moscow

The Moscow government has approved the concept of construction of the Adrenaline Beat sports and entertainment complex, which will appear at the Prokshino metro station in the Novomoskovsky administrative district of Moscow. The development company A101 is responsible for the development of the project, the development of it was carried out by the international company Masterconcept, which specializes in the management of ski resorts and travel consulting.

The main object of the complex will be an embankment mountain with a height of 101 meters and an area of ​​slope of almost 18 hectares. The northern, eastern and western slopes of the mountain will be designed for skiing and snowboarding. The southern slope will be used at any time of the year for tobogganing, tricycle karts or mountain biking.

A101 Group is the largest developer in New Moscow. The company is part of the SAFMAR group of Mikhail Gutseriev, whose structures own 51% of the developer. Another 49% of “А101” Gutseriev, according to media reports, will buy from the bank “Trust” in the framework of the agreement concluded with the bank in November this year.

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