An evangelist from Nigeria tells how the police killed his son in front of him by inserting a pistol into his private part.

An evangelist from Nigeria tells how the police killed his son in front of him by inserting a pistol into his private part.

Evangelist Victoria Agori, a 49-year-old Nigerian evangelist, spoke about how her son was killed.

Agori tells DENNIS NAKU about what he had to endure at the hands of the Inspector General of Police Surveillance, who raided his residence in Nkpola, East West Road, Obio / Akpor Local Government District in 2019, Rivers State blamed her and her children in armed robbery and kidnapping and eventually killed her son.

What do you do and how old are you?

I am evangelist Victoria Agori from Bayelsa State. I am an evangelist and business woman. I am 49 years old.

You have already filed a petition against the police #EndSARS panel. What is it about?

On May 11, 2019, there was a small altercation in the house over the fish I bought from Bayelsa. So my daughter Felicia Agori, who is dating one of the men from the Inspector General of the Police Surveillance Department named Victor Nelson, invited her boyfriend to beat her brother, who is my seventh child. On the same day, the police came and beat my son, as well as me and my other children with a tree. They broke my loopholes and destroyed a lot. They also collected money from me. They even parted my legs and inserted pistols into my private parts.

What did the PGI monitoring staff tell you when they arrived at your home?

They said that my son, my other children, my husband and I were armed robbers and kidnappers. They said that we would not be released, they threatened to kill us. I even begged them to let me get dressed, but they refused, calling me a kidnapper. They said they would treat us like kidnappers. I told them that we are not kidnappers or armed robbers, and that they should investigate. But they fired at the whole house, and the bullet hit my first son, Samuel Agori, a student at the University of Benin who studied banking and finance. We spent so much money on this.

They drove us to their station in Aluu (Iqverre Local Government District in Rivers State) with my son’s girlfriend, Silva Ogbonna, who was pregnant and lived with us. At the station they took my son’s girl’s shirt and blindfolded my son and my last child. They treated us like pieces of trash, and their boss ordered the murder of my two children. I screamed. When they heard my voice, they left my last boyfriend. After my son was blindfolded, they shot him to death in my presence at the police station and called the people in their cells to cleanse my son’s blood. I immediately passed out. They even rummaged in his pocket and took the money with them while they drove us to the station. When they drove us to the station, they inserted a pistol into my private parts before they shot my son.

What part of your son’s body was shot?

I do not know; I only saw him when he was tied. I just heard a shot, and when I saw that he was covered in blood, I passed out. They said they doused me with water in bags to revive me. They threw me into the cell, and also took my last child and the bride of my deceased son into the cell. When my husband came with my lawyer the next Monday, I told him that they had killed my son.

How old was he and what did he do?

His name is Daniel Agori, 21 years old. After graduating from high school, he was a hairdresser and soccer player. We were even planning to send him overseas because some of his friends took the bus to Rivers State. The last one is David Agori, 16 years old.

Have you seen your son’s body since he was killed in 2019?

I have not seen his body until today. They refused to give it to me.

Did you ask to show him to the grove or let him go to you?

Yes, I asked for his body for burial. The cops called me on unknown numbers. On Tuesday, January 5th, they called my lawyer and told him that if they were fired because of me, what would I earn? They said that I should make a deal, promising they would give me some money. They said that the body of my son was kept somewhere, and they would give me a grove to bury.

When did they contact you about the settlement?

This was when it #EndSARS A panel was created, on which they began to call, or even threatened me.

Is it true that this case is being examined by the National Human Rights Commission in Abuja?

Yes, I wrote a petition through my lawyer to the National Human Rights Commission. When the National Human Rights Commission saw the petition, they turned it over to IG. IG then stated that they were not aware of this because when the incident occurred, another IG was responsible for it. So now IS, Mohammed Adamu, said that if this is true, they should arrest the officers.

Have you been arrested?

No, they weren’t arrested.

Is this case being followed up by the National Human Rights Commission?

A committee with a senior lawyer in Nigeria has referred the matter to the #EndSARS Commission in Abuja.

You were invited #EndSARS panel in Abuja?

Yes, I was there on December 3, 2020. But these people (the police) did not come. Their lawyer came. The case was updated this month (January 26).

Where is your daughter who invited the cops now?

Since then she has been on the run. But one day he called and the policeman called Victor Nelson, who is his boyfriend, said he was with him. Nelson even called my husband and threatened him that if he didn’t return the girl, he would come back and kill us.

Does your daughter regret her actions?

She sent text messages saying that you shouldn’t ask the cops to kill anyone, that she just said that my son and his pregnant girlfriend were arrogant towards her and that they should beat them up a bit so that they respect her. She said that she and her boyfriend (cop) were in trouble and didn’t see each other again. The text messages are still on my phone and I have presented them to the National Human Rights Commission and also showed them to my lawyers.

What do you really want in terms of fairness?

First, they must free the body of my son. I gave birth to him, and according to tradition, even if I am a shepherd, I must bury him properly, because God did not let me do it. They must give me his body to bury. Secondly, all the police officers who came to my house, pursued me, shot me, destroyed my property, stripped me, planted weapons in my personal units and killed my son, should be arrested and brought to justice. They must be fired and tried for their actions. Thirdly, my son should have gone abroad already, because he is my glory by the grace of God, but they have reduced my glory. They destroyed my house, all the loopholes, the ceiling, doors and other property; while they took some of my things with them. They even took away my son’s boots and fez after he was killed. This means they should compensate me for N1bn.

Are you also demanding the arrest and prosecution of your daughter who invited the cops?

I do not know. This is left to the discretion of the judge, because the cops are not stupid. If he called them to come and kill, they know what the constitution says. These are people in military uniform, and their duty is to protect lives and property, but they did not investigate. They just came, beat me and my children, arrested us, intimidated us, brought everyone to the police station and killed my son in my presence. Whatever the girl told them, they had to conduct their own investigation. Even after this incident, Rivers State Police Officer Nnamdi Omoni went on the air and stated that no one has the right to take the life of another person.

Even after everything they did, they threatened to kill me if I didn’t close the case. They even set a trap for me when they called me recently and told me that my daughter was dead and her body was in the Elekahia police station. I asked what killed her, but the cop who called couldn’t explain. So, I sent my relatives there, but the Elekahia police said that there was no such thing in their department. They always called me on hidden numbers. I don’t know what they wanted to do. But I know that with God they will not succeed.

Source: The PUNCH

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