An Islamic group calls for the replacement of French with Arabic in Kano schools.

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An Islamic group calls for the replacement of French with Arabic in Kano schools.

The Kano State Ulama Coalition and non-governmental organizations, which include Ulama and Muslim scholars, have called on Governor Abdullahi Ganduja to free all French people from government services.

They also called for the immediate replacement of French with Arabic in the curricula of all public schools in the state.

The call came in a statement signed by the coalition’s organizing secretary, Dr. Saidu Dukawa, released Sunday following a public conference at which the coalition expressed its disapproval and condemnation of what it called French essays on blasphemy.

In a communiqué delivered yesterday to reporters in Kano, the Kano State government praised him for his swift action to rename “France Road” to Madina Road.

The statement read: “The cartoons / cartoons used by the French history teacher to mock his Muslim students violate the Universal Declaration of Human Rights as they affect the right to choose religion.

“French President Emanuel Macron was not only insensitive to the feelings and feelings of six million Muslims in France, including nearly two billion Muslims around the world, but his actions were also harsh and hateful. , poisonous and vile.

“Macron’s subsequent crackdown on mosques and Muslim schools in France is tantamount to juxtaposing words with actions that Macron and his administration are determined to fight Muslims.

“Following on from previous comments, the coalition decided that Muslims around the world should view Macron and his administration as examples of Islamophobia.

“The coalition supports and reaffirms its loyalty to all Muslim leaders who have expressed condemnation of the actions of Macron and his administration, and asks to continue to pray for them.”

The coalition stated that Muslims must always be ready to defend the honor and holiness of the Prophet Muhammad “by all peaceful and legal means, including a boycott of French goods and their economic, financial and political interests, until France is brought to her knees.”

The statement added: “The Coalition expresses its appreciation to the Kano State government for its swift action to rename France Road to Madina Road; The coalition calls on the Cano state government to take a step forward and free all French people from public services such as sports and others.

“It should also replace the teaching of French with Arabic in all public schools.”

Source: – Thisdaylive