Another alleged perpetrator arrested from Owerri prison (photo)

Another alleged perpetrator arrested from Owerri prison (photo)

Imo state police arrested a man accused of attacking criminal services and Nigeria’s police headquarters on April 5.

Orlando Ikeokwu State Police Command spokesman said in a statement that a British-made shotgun and twenty-six (26) real cartridges, a pair of police uniforms with the rank of Deputy Superintendent of Police (DSP), hidden in their colorful Toyota Escalade was found.

Ikeuku said that during interrogation, the suspect claimed to be a police spy trained at the Ikea Police School.

A police spokesman added that the state police commissioner had ordered a full investigation into the case to find out the extent of his guilt and possibly arrest other suspects. Ikeuku added that the police chief had invited other people who participated in the April 5 attack, as well as escaped detainees / suspects, to surrender, otherwise they would face the full wrath of the law if caught.

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