Anxiety before the wedding – the best ways to deal with it

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Anxiety before the wedding – is it normal? And how! After all, it is one of the most stressful events in life. Most couples find the wedding celebration to be a nerve-wracking experience, despite the fact that the event itself is a pleasant one.

Although most people get stressed during the preparation for the wedding, this does not mean that nothing can be done about it. We tell you how to deal with anxiety in advance, as well as immediately before day X.

The most stressful moments of preparation

What questions can throw you off track? When will you feel the most? This usually happens if you:

  • agree and align the budget;
  • compile and manage the guest list ;
  • choose contractors that are important to you;
  • choose the bride’s dress and adjust it according to the figure (or sometimes the figure under the dress);
  • come to an agreement with parents about certain aspects of the event.

And of course, the peak of excitement falls on the evening before the celebration and the wedding morning – then it is most difficult to cope with nerves.

What to do in advance?

Get your sleigh ready in the summer, and take care of your peace of mind from the very beginning – this is your motto! If you do everything right right away, then the excitement before the wedding will not overtake. The key task is to plan the preparation process, not complicate it, distribute responsibilities and get plenty of rest. Then things will not accumulate, the organization of the holiday will not turn into a mess, and you will be calm. What to do:

  1. Plan the preparation process from the very beginning by writing down the steps until the very day of the wedding. If this is difficult to do, use the step-by-step preparation plan from the Bride’s Helper , everything is already written in it. Divide responsibilities with the groom and break big tasks (like decorating a wedding) into small ones (find a decorator, choose a design idea, etc.) so you don’t feel overwhelmed.
  2. Don’t over-organize to save money or do something yourself. Make 50 invitations and 50 gifts for guests on your own ? At the very beginning, this seems like a trifling matter, but as the cherished date approaches, you will be under such a pile of things that you may regret this decision.
  3. Prioritize the wishes of others. Yes, you want to please and please everyone, but this is a direct road to extreme stress before the wedding. Your and your fiancé’s opinions are decisive, the opinions of the rest are taken into account at will. If the celebration is paid by the parents, agree with them in advance that you will / will not coordinate with them.
  4. If you understand that you can’t cope, hire an organizer. He will take on the lion’s share of the tasks and free up your time.
  5. Think of a plan B in case something goes wrong. What will you do in the rain? What if it’s a cold day? It seems that we are only adding work with this tip, right? But in fact, the better prepared you are for the unexpected, the calmer you will be on the eve of the wedding.
  6. Take breaks in preparation. If timing allows, take breaks a week or at least a few days to do what you and your fiancé love, not just organizing.
  7. Take care of yourself and each other. Adequate sleep, a full meal, sports and a walk do wonders for stress levels in the body, significantly reducing it.
  8. Stay close to family and friends , spend time with them. You will find that you will be much easier to perceive many tasks after this.

Anxiety before the wedding – what to do the day before?

The most stressful moments are the evening before and the wedding morning. Think about what balances you, maybe it’s yoga or reading? Or maybe a light movie, hot chocolate, or a run in the nearest park? Shared bath? Do it the night before to relax a bit. Definitely do not drink alcohol or sedatives. From the first state of health in the morning will not be very good, and the skin will not thank you. With sedatives, it’s easy to oversleep and oversleep in the morning, or just feel lethargic. Forget about sedatives not only in the evening, but also on the wedding day, otherwise you will live it in a fog.

Get up early in the morning by the alarm clock, leave time for packing and a full breakfast. But don’t book too many free hours so you don’t succumb to the temptation to get nervous and chew yourself up.

Remember the main thing – the excitement before the wedding happens exactly BEFORE. It does not spoil your holiday and ends as soon as everything begins. Checked.

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