Army: We will not disclose the identities of the employees working at the Lekki toll station.

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Army: We will not disclose the identities of the employees working at the Lekki toll station.

The Nigerian military says it will not disclose the identities of its people, who were sent to the toll collection point in Lekki on October 20, 2020.

Soldiers dispersed the #EndSARS protesters who had obstructed vehicles along this axis for two weeks.

The incident generated mixed reactions both domestically and internationally as the army and federal government were accused of human rights violations.

While there are reports of many people being killed by soldiers, only one case has been confirmed so far.

In an interview with PUNCH, Olaniyi, a spokesman for the Nigerian Army’s 81st Division, said it was unprofessional for the army to name the soldiers who had fought that day.

“This is contrary to operational safety. We do not give it. This is contrary to the operational security policy. There are no problems here. The image some people paint as if we are at war with the state government is wrong, ”the newspaper said.

The military initially denied any involvement in the incident.

In separate tweets, the military flagged news that soldiers were opening fire on toll stations as fake news.

But Olaniyi confirmed last week that the operation was carried out by soldiers.

He said the Lagos state government has called on the army to restore order after widespread violence.

“The soldiers of the Nigerian army have never opened fire on civilians. Since the beginning of the ENDSARS protest, there has been no time for personnel from the Nigerian Army’s 81st Division to participate in Lagos, ”he said in a statement.

“However, the decision to call the military was made by the Lagos State Government (LASG) after a 24-hour curfew was imposed.

“This was the result of violence that led to the arson of several police stations, the killing of police officers, the release of suspects in police custody, and the transport of weapons. The situation rapidly escalated into anarchy. It was at this point that the LASG asked the military to intervene to restore normalcy.

“The military intervention was conducted in accordance with all established procedures for internal security operations, and all soldiers involved were operating under the rules of engagement (ROC) for internal security operations.”

Source: – Cable