Atheist Mubarak takes vacations in jail while police evade court order

Atheist Mubarak takes vacations in jail while police evade court order

Nigeria’s police were unable to release atheist Mubarak Bal, despite an order from the Federal High Court directing the Inspector General of Police to release him.

Bala, who is also president of the Nigerian Humanist Association, was arrested for allegedly insulting the Prophet Muhammad in a Facebook post in April.

Mubarak Bala

SS lawyer Umar later petitioned the Kano State Police Commissioner, demanding the arrest of Bala. They arrested Bala in Kaduna State and transferred him to Kano, where he has been since April 28, 2020.

Bala’s lawyers have filed a fundamental human rights lawsuit against Judge Inyang Ekwo of the Abuja Federal High Court. On December 21, 2020, the court ruled to immediately release Bal.

However, it became known that Bala spent Christmas and Boxing Day in prison and could spend the new year in custody if the court’s decision is not carried out by Thursday.

Speaking to PUNCH on Tuesday, Bala’s lawyer, Mr. James Ybor, said the police were not going to obey the court order.

Ibor said: “The court issued an order that was passed on to the police, but the police refused to obey.

“We wrote to the police, we made phone calls, and some embassies interfered. We made sure that the order was given to them because they did not appear in court. The court served the police, and we have proof of service.

“They didn’t appeal. They can not even appeal the verdict. This is the final judgment, because the court indulged them too much. The case was constantly updated at their request; they submitted nothing; they just stopped coming to court. PGI did not arrive, despite the fact that it was served with lawsuits. ”

According to sworn statements, the Kano state police did not allow Bale to meet with his lawyers for several months. Amid protests from several human rights organizations, including Amnesty International, police filed a first intelligence report with No Man’s Land Magistrate Court, Kano, accusing Bal of violating the Cybercrime Act in order to obtain a custody order.

However, the date of the indictment is not specified, which allows the police to detain him for several months before being transferred to the correctional center in Kano.

Attempts to speak with the public relations officer in Kano State, Haruna Abdullahi, were unsuccessful as her phone was turned off and the public relations officer Frank Mba did not answer calls.

Source: – Sahara Reporter.

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