Autumn holiday ideas in Karelia

It is difficult to imagine a land more magical and amazingly beautiful in autumn than Karelia. The “pointed fir-tree eyelashes above the blue eyes of the lakes” are set off by golden foliage at this time of year. The seething waterfalls have not yet fallen asleep, the quarries of the Ruskeala mountain park have not been covered with ice. Nature has become more beautiful and against this background – the architecture of the region. Let’s figure out which excursions to Karelia are best to go in September, October and November.

Mountain park “Ruskeala” and waterfalls

In autumn, the Ruskeala mountain park, shrouded in yellow and purple foliage of trees, becomes even more attractive. It is nice to just walk here, enjoying the natural beauty, or you can sign up with your children for an excursion to the mountain park and its underground world, actively relax, chat with cute huskies and have a snack in a cozy cafe with national cuisine. Waterfalls in Karelia do not lose their power in autumn, reminding of the power of nature.

Shungite room in Petrozavodsk

If you are on vacation in Karelia in the fall and are thinking where to go on a rainy day, we recommend visiting the shungite room. The room is faced with elite shungite from the Zazhoginsky deposit. This space will help the nervous, circulatory and cardiovascular systems take a break from constant electromagnetic radiation. Under the influence of shungite, structured water accumulates in the cells of the body, they are enriched with minerals and vitamins. In addition, shungite does not cause allergies, edema and skin irritation; this strong adsorbent cleanses cells from toxins.

Petrozavodsk and Sortavala

The capital of Karelia and the ancient Sortavala will find something to surprise tourists at any time of the year. In these cities, tourists will find cozy embankments, museums, city parks, a zoo complex, sculptures and other attractions.

The wonderful island of Valaam

You can supplement your vacation in Karelia with an excursion to Valaam. Even in bad weather, a sincere, warm atmosphere reigns on this island. The main thing is that there is no storm on Ladoga and that you can get to Valaam by motor ship or boat. Sketes, monasteries, natural beauties … on the largest island in the Valaam archipelago, you can spend your time with pleasure and benefit.

Museum-reserve “Kizhi”

This open-air museum becomes especially beautiful in autumn. In fine weather, you can walk, enjoying the monuments of wooden architecture. And in the rains, when the so-called Kizhi necklace is dressed up with clouds, you can visit churches, chapels, a smithy, peasant houses with preserved household items.

It is difficult to tell about all the advantages of an autumn holiday in Karelia and list all the beautiful places. This region will help you feel nature, learn a lot about the history of the country, be inspired by the charming original architecture of the Russian North and give yourself peace of mind.

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