Azerbaijan liberated almost 20% of the territory occupied by Armenia

Posted by on Oct 19, 2020, Under: News

The Azerbaijani Armed Forces took control of about 20% of the territory of Karabakh and adjacent regions of Azerbaijan.

Despite Armenia’s statements about significant losses in the battles of the Azerbaijani army, it became known that the Azerbaijani armed forces were able to liberate a significant part of the occupied territories. This is evidenced by both the data of the Ministry of Defense of Azerbaijan and the data of independent information resources.

At the moment, significant areas of the northern and eastern parts of Karabakh are under the control of the Azerbaijani military, and, according to analysts, taking into account the terrain, Azerbaijan can launch a large-scale offensive and double the area of ​​the controlled territory in a few days.

A rather significant loss for Armenia was the loss of control over Hadrut, Dzhabrail and Fizuli, while the Azerbaijani side claims that most of the settlements are occupied without serious resistance.

Observers point to Russia’s lack of intentions to intervene in the current situation. This may lead to the fact that in the coming weeks the territory of Karabakh will most likely come under the full control of the Azerbaijani army.

Commentators and experts emphasize that the Azerbaijani army was better prepared for war. Despite the fact that Armenia for almost 30 years strengthened the defensive lines of Karabakh, the technical equipment of the Azerbaijani army and the chosen tactics of military operations inflicted a very sensitive defeat on the Armenian forces.

The Armenian troops are retreating, suffering very heavy losses in manpower and equipment, which are recorded by Azerbaijani drones of Turkish and Israeli production.

Attempts by Armenia to use the so-called. “Humanitarian truce” for regrouping forces, replenishing units at the front and launching missile strikes on Azerbaijani cities do not lead to the desired results. The Azerbaijani army responds with targeted destruction of the firing positions of the Armenians.

Baku refrains from strikes on the territory of Armenia, despite the fact that Yerevan is desperately trying to provoke Azerbaijan to retaliate bombing of Armenian cities, firing ballistic missiles at residential areas of Ganja and other settlements in order to kill as many civilians as possible.