Baba Ijesha: witness fails to appear in court for “unknown fears” as court adjourns harassment trial against actor S * xual

Similarly, another witness, who is a police officer, was unable to attend the court proceedings because he was transferred to a distant police station.

According to a report by SaharaReporters, the Ikeja Special Crimes Tribunal has once again postponed the trial of Nollywood actor James Olanrewaju, aka Baba Ijesha, to November 19 and December 2.

This followed the refusal of one of the witnesses to appear in court for fear of the unknown.

Similarly, another witness, who is a police officer, was unable to attend the court proceedings because he was transferred to a distant police station.

One of the lawyers said, “Today in court the hearing could not continue because the prosecutor had asked for an update.

“One of the witnesses, a police officer, was transferred to a distant station. Also, there is another person who has expressed fears. The case was postponed to November 19 and December 2 “.

Baba Ijesha has been involved in a child molestation case since April 2021 and was returned to police custody following his arrest on April 22.

However, he was released on June 24.

Judge Taiwo granted Baba Ijesha bail in the amount of N2 million and two sureties: a lawyer and a relative.

The movie star has been charged with six counts of sexual assault through penetration, indecent treatment of a child and sexual assault, which violate sections 259, 135 and 261 of Lagos State Criminal Law 2011, as well as 135, 263 and 262 Lagos State Criminal Law 2015.

A few days ago, a police officer attached to the State Criminal Investigation and Intelligence Department (SCIID), Yaba, Lagos, Wahab Kareem testified as the fifth prosecution witness in the trial against the plaintiff for contaminating a minor.

He said: “During our investigation, another girl (name hidden) came forward and said the defendant assaulted her when she was 12.

“We interviewed her and the defendant behind the counter and he vehemently denied the allegation.

“The girl said the incident took place in the Agah area of ​​Ikorodu, and we told a representative of the accused to follow us to the house and we met the landlord.

“The landlord showed us an apartment and said, ‘This is where Baba Ijesha lived.’

“Meanwhile, Baba Ijesha had previously denied living in that area.”

Following this, the statement by Baba Ijesha’s former landlord, Alhaji Jameel, and the defendant’s statement to SCIID would be admitted as evidence.

During the proceedings, a video recording of James (Baba Ijesha) was played at SCIID admitting to sexually assaulting his comic adopted daughter, Damilola Adekoya aka Princess.

“I harassed her, I touched her hand and I licked her hand”, Baba Ijesha said in the clip.

The police officer further testified that he was asked to take over the investigation of the case by a team due to Adekoya’s complaints.

“I was asked to take over the matter from Team A because the complainant (Princess) complained about the proximity between the defendant and the members of Team A.

“After the conclusion of the investigation, I transferred the file to the Public Prosecutor’s Office for legal advice”, He said.

During Babatunde Ogala’s cross-examination, Kareem said he never visited the crime scene, adding that the other minor who also accused the defendant of contamination was taken to the police by Adekoya.

He said the defendant’s former owner’s statement was recorded at the owner’s residence and not at a police station.

However, he said the taped statements were taken to his superior, Margaret Ighodalo.

When asked to show where his superior countersigned the owner’s statement as required by law, the witness said the owner’s statement was not countersigned.

He also testified that a lawyer was not present when James (Baba Ijesha) made his first statement to the police at SCIID.

He added that James was not brought to Ikorodu to counter the other claim of contamination for security reasons.

“The accused was the one who asked his brother to take us to Ikorodu. We didn’t take him there for safety reasons; his name was all over the television and radio news.

“It may have been hijacked by us; that’s why we told him to name someone and he appointed his brother to come with us “ Kareem said.

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