Baba Izheshi’s celebrity status doesn’t help, lawyer says

Baba Izheshi’s celebrity status doesn’t help, lawyer says

It is no longer news that Nigerian actor Olanrewaju James, aka Baba Izhesha, has been a hot topic of discussion on social media and offline since he was arrested for allegedly molesting a minor.

Thanks to its celebrity status, the news broke out like wildfire and stayed trending for weeks. But some have also expressed concern that celebrity status could impact the case and help it break free.

However, entertainment and intellectual property lawyer Femi Njoku said Izheshi’s status had nothing to do with the case.

He told Sunday Scoop: “This is a very serious matter. The deposit cannot be given to anyone. There are several reasons for bail. If you ask the court for bail on these grounds, it can provide it. But if the court believes that he can escape or try to break the law, he can decide to arrest him.

“As for her celebrity status, it shouldn’t affect her case. However, this is Nigeria, and there are many factors at play. In addition to what happens in court, many factors come into play. We are in a country where a particular senator has been seen attacking a woman, but he is still a member of the National Assembly. This shows the level of our seriousness as a country. “

Reacting to the rumor that the child’s guardian and comedian, Adekola Adekanya, also known as the princess, and Baba Izhesha were romantically involved and were just trying to get the actor back on his feet, Njoku said, “This is not a party. A business. This is a matter between him (Baba Ijesh) and the state. This is a criminal case, so it is being conducted between him and the state. Any criminal case arises between the accused and the state, therefore it is irrelevant and will not interfere in his affairs. a business.

“An important question is whether he has committed a crime and whether it has been proven that he has committed a crime. All other questions concerning his (Baba Izheshi) dating with her (princess) are irrelevant. It all comes down to the burden of proving that he did infect a young woman. “

Baba Izhesha has already spent more than three weeks in custody and would have been indicted in court if it had not been for the union of the judiciary under the auspices of the Union of Judicial Workers of Nigeria.

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