Bandits ambush patrol group in Sokoto, police officer killed

Bandits ambush patrol group in Sokoto, police officer killed

At least one police officer was killed by suspected armed bandits in the Rumjin Sambo area of ​​the South Sokoto local government area in Sokoto state.

Locals say that according to eyewitness accounts, military suspects were spotted on about 20 motorcycles in the vicinity of the university’s main campus, Usmanu Danfodio at about 1:45 a.m. on Tuesday.

They say unidentified militants later abandoned their motorcycles and strolled outside a mosque in the Nome hospital area, an area where significant numbers of Muslim believers gathered for tahajjud prayers.

Locals say it’s unclear if the bandits are targeting believers praying in mosques.

According to local sources, a police patrol van drove up to the crime scene during a routine patrol, and thugs who spotted the police opened fire on the patrol van and in the meantime killed one of the patrol officers.

Residents say the rest of the police in the patrol group chased and opened fire on the bandits, but unfortunately none of the bandits were shot as they all fled.

The police have not yet confirmed this report as the public relations officer from the Assistant Superintendent of Police team, Abubakar Sanusi, promised to return to our correspondent in ten minutes when contacted, and has not yet done so in thirty minutes.

Source: – TV channel

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