Bandits attack Dunamis Church in Kogi State

Posted by on Oct 20, 2020, Under: News

Bandits attack Dunamis Church in Kogi State

Political criminals, officially led by presidential candidate Dekina LGA, attacked Christian youth yesterday in Anigba, Kogi state during a peaceful prayer walk.
The perpetrators were reported to have stopped young Christians and taken them to the auditorium of the nearby Dunamis Church before damaging them. The pastor was reportedly beaten and his clothes were torn to shreds.

The attack on the believers of the International Dunamis Church in Anigba must be investigated.
The attack on any peaceful gathering must be condemned by all, especially in relation to the peaceful prayer warrior in the house of God.

Governor Yahaya Bello and Deputy Prime Minister Edward Onoja are, as far as I know, strong supporters of the #EndSAR protest. What I do not understand is the insults of the believers of the Dunami Church in Anigba that the criminals will attack them during prayers.

Governor Bello must take steps to persuade his supporters not to take the law into their own hands, especially in the local government of Dekin, and what happened yesterday in Anigba must be thoroughly investigated and we hope these criminals will be arrested.

We cannot continue like this in the state of kogi, especially in the east of kogi, Igala thugs attack the believers of Igala Dunamis church, why?