Bandits kidnap students of GSSS Kankar in Katsina state

Bandits kidnap students of GSSS Kankar in Katsina state

Dozens of students at the Kankara State Science High School in Katsina state in northwestern Nigeria were reportedly kidnapped by gunmen in an attack on a school Friday night.

School principal Usman Abubakar, who confirmed that the development was live on in a telephone conversation, said the thugs arrived at the school at around 10.15 pm Friday night and acted for about 1 hour.

According to Abubakar, the bandits robbed the school gates and shot one of the police officers on duty, who is now being treated in one of the hospitals, in the leg. Another police officer, also on duty, fled before the bandits had full access to the school.

He also added that the gunmen later went to the headquarters, where they abducted the wife of one of the workers, but later released her when they left with the child.

However, he said, the situation could have been brought under control when the Nigerian army soldiers stationed in Kankar arrived and engaged in a firefight with the bandits, forcing them to cease their operations and flee to the nearest bush with the victims abducted above. the firepower of the military.

According to Abubakar, the school is currently counting employees among students in order to establish the exact number of kidnapped during the attack.

After being contacted, the police representative S.P. Gambo Isa said he would contact the police officer in the area for information and return as soon as possible.

Kankara is one of the 8 front-line self-government areas affected by bandit activities. However, the incident is the first time that thugs have kidnapped students from a school in Katsina state since the outbreak of gang violence last year.

Source: – Ait Live

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