Bandits seize army lands in Contagore, Niger, while a strange helicopter hovers

Bandits seize army lands in Contagore, Niger, while a strange helicopter hovers

According to PRNigeria, a large tract of land owned by the Nigerian Army (NA) in the local government of Contagore in Niger is home to armed bandits terrorizing various parts of the state.

Concerned about development, the Nigerian military, under the current leadership, is developing new measures to suppress criminals on their soil and in neighboring communities.

The bandits set up their camps at Matan Kari, Fagai, Ozovo, Bihime and Kan Libo, among other mountains in the army’s territory. The fields, according to PRNigeria control, are mountainous areas, within a huge hectare, where criminals first collect kidnapped victims and then send them to Kaduna, Zamfara and other northern states along forest paths. They are also used by bandits operating within the Axis to graze herds of hulled livestock before being taken out of the state.

According to a security official and some local residents, a private helicopter often “lands” on “flat, level surfaces” at the top of the mountains, which has yet to be identified. However, they could not say who owns the helicopter and what mission it regularly performs in the hideouts of the bandits. He also told PRNigeria that whenever a white helicopter hovers around settlements within the Contagora and Mariga axis, it follows a bandit attack.

Last year, a group of local police and vigilantes were reported to have undertaken daring missions in notorious gang camps on three occasions. PRNigeria found images of several items found in mountain hideouts, including syringes, soft drink cans, motorcycle parts, lids and other relics. The vast territory of the army, which starts from the military barracks in the city of Contagora, extends to the Mai Guge community in the local government of Marigi. Its length is almost 40 km.

Reliable sources say that not only banditry and kidnapping, but also illegal mining are thriving on earth. In addition to the barracks, Kongator LG houses two other military establishments located in the Nigerian Army Artillery Corps (NACA) and the Nigerian Army Training Center (NATRAC). Although vast areas of the army had not yet been fenced off, a deep hole was dug for the foundation just outside the gate of the hut in front of the entrance to the capital of Contagor. The pit is more than forty kilometers long and extends to Mai Gegu.

The army posted property signs at various points along the Contagora-Mariga road. He warned the offenders to stay away. The inscriptions on the signs read: “Contagora Nigerian Army Training Range, Land Possessions / Ba Siga”.

PRNigeria learned that the Kambari were the original owners of the land. But they sold it to the army over 30 years ago. And although the military has not yet begun training its personnel, the bandits have found “refuge” in the wasteland, using them to commit their horrific crimes. There are several cases of bandits leaving different parts of the army’s territory, some of the displaced villagers told PRNigeria. They then cross the Contagora-Mariga road to attack Usanda, Magauta, Dutsen-Magadji and other communities scattered along the road.

An intelligence officer working for a security agency in Contagore, who declined to be named, said the army’s land “is not fenced in and is porous” is the reason the bandits spent a field day invading communities and wreaking havoc in parts of eastern Niger. … He said the gang camps also served as an outlet for criminals when other security personnel were mobilized for law enforcement and rescue operations. He said that when bandits attacked the communities surrounding the city of Contagora, they fled with their victims and brought livestock to their fields in army territory. “Unfortunately, the army will deny us permission to pursue fugitive criminals. We reported to the military authorities several times that their properties were being used by bandits as a cover, but they refused to cooperate with us, often telling us that the people mentioned in our intelligence reports were banned, in fact they were not. “, He added.

Source: – PrNigeria

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