Bandits strike in Katsina-Ala Benue, kill 7 and injure 5 others (Graphic images)

A community in Benue state was heavily attacked by unknown gunmen with the attackers killing no less than seven people.

According to reports, the gunmen had lunch at the attack on Tor Donga in the Katsina-Ala local government area of ​​the state.

During the attack, the gunmen killed five other people including a Catholic priest identified as Rev. FR. Ajoko Michele of S. John’s Parish Kasar and an Igbo woman were injured.

In the attack that occurred on Thursday evening, November 18, four members of the newly trained volunteer guards from the Benue community were among seven killed.

The deceased security officers were identified as Tersoo Nyamkem, Ornyar Kwaghtagher, Ortwer Vendagough and Iorzua Joseph Denen.

Others include, Oryina Orhirga, Saidu Ado (a vulcanizer) and a young man in the vehicle with the Rev. FR. Ajoko.

Confirming the incident in a statement, Katsina-Ala local government president Alfred Atera said the gunmen were local bandits who were the remnants of the Azonto group.

He has declared:

“The bandits came last night (Thursday) to Tor Donga and killed seven people. They killed members of the Volunteer Guards, wounded two of them, then killed other people while shooting sporadically ”.

“Five wounded are in hospital including a reverend father of Mbatseer who was on his way to Tor Donga. They met him (Catholic priest), shot him and killed the person in the car with him. The incident occurred between 5pm and 5.30pm

“They (the attackers) are the last survivors of Azonto’s army because the volunteer guards said they saw a Sonter driving the car they entered. The volunteer guards blocked the road when they saw them but having nothing to protect themselves they fled as the bandits approached.

On Friday, a military source who declined to be named confirmed the attack on the Nigerian Tribune.

The source said:

“Unknown gunmen in a moving vehicle, Thursday at approximately 4:40 pm in Tor Donga in the local government area of ​​Katsina-Ala, braced themselves through the brigade checkpoint along the Katsina-Ala / Tor road. Donga “.

The military source added that Operation Whirl Stroke (OPWS) troops who were alerted to the bad development rushed to the area but that the bandits had fled before they got there.

Source: – Salemreporters

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