Bank records show Obasa received 11 million N51.7 million times.

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Bank records show Obasa received 11 million N51.7 million times.

Lagos House Speaker Mudasiru Obasa has run a private and lucrative business since he was elected to the post in 2015, according to the Peoples Gazette, clearly ignoring the existing rules of conduct for government officials that prevented him from running. business enterprises as the supreme legislator.

Obasa’s financial statements recently obtained by the newspaper showed that the politician was laundering suspicious transactions using several companies associated with him.

On October 30, 2018, Mr. Obasa received exactly N 51,680,672.91 into his corporate account with De Kingrun Multipurpose Limited.

Transactions totaling N 568 487 402.01 The suspicious funds were received through De Kingrun’s account number 1017424021 with UBA, which did not return a request for comment on the transaction.

The Sahara Reporter has published a series of corruption complaints against the president since March, and the EFCC has summoned him for questioning as part of its investigation into the allegations. De Kingran was one of the numerous Sahara Reporter companies associated with Mr. Obasa, but details of the banking transactions concerning the politician and his companies have just been disclosed by the Gazette.

The records also showed that Mr. Obasa’s De Kingrun company received receipts from the accounts of the Lagos State government. Mr Obasa’s telephone number 08033014094 is linked to this account and Gazette has determined through bank sources that he is directly responsible for transactions.

In 2016, Mr Obasa received four deals each from the Ministry of the Environment and Universal Basic Education in Lagos. Each of the four environmental management transactions amounted to N 56,332,500.00. E. – all paid on April 21 for a total of 225,330,000 ns. E. Just a week later, on April 28, the universal basic education program paid De Kingrun NIS 33,013,665.27 for four transactions for a total of NIS 132,054,661.08.

It is not clear on what contracts Mr. Obasa ran for Lagos to vindicate N357 384 661.08 in eight transactions over seven days.

Obasa, his media assistant and spokesman for the Lagos government declined to comment on the story. But earlier this year, the president spoke out against the Sahara Reporter.

Although he acknowledged ownership of De Kingrun as a sustainable family business, he dismissed reports that the company had obtained contracts from agencies in Lagos, seeking through his legal representatives proof of transactions between his company and Lagos.

On Thursday, The Gazette released bank records of six advance accounts administered by the Lagos State House of Assembly, which showed Mr. Obasa overseeing suspicious N9.7 billion payments.

Mr. Obasa was elected to the Lagos Chamber in 2007 and has been president since 2015. He should have been thwarted by the rules of the Code of Conduct prohibiting elected officials and senior government officials from engaging in private activities other than subsistence farming. while he was in the office.

But the rules were rarely followed, despite widespread abuses by politicians and high-ranking officials. In 2011, Bola Tinubu was charged with violating the rules of the code of conduct in managing accounts with foreign banks as a manager, but the case was dismissed under disciplinary action for unlawful prosecution.

Source: – Peoplesgazette