Barakat was brought to the house of Commissioner Ogun – uncle makes amazing revelations

Barakat was brought to the house of Commissioner Ogun – uncle makes amazing revelations

Barakat Melojuekun’s uncle, Lasisi Sahid, who accused Ogun Khon State Environmental Commissioner Abiodun Abudu-Balogun of sexual assault, said he was the one who took the 16-year-old girl to the commissioner’s house.

The uncle also confirmed that the girl was asked to get into the car and then she was taken by Mariam Eniola Oenuga.

In the video, Sahid established that the girl was brought to the house of Abu-Balogun after he introduced her to him.

He said the duo left after about five or 10 minutes, saying that was all he could say about the case.

Barakat, accusing the suspended commissioner of sexual harassment, said it was Lasisi Sahid who went to his father to inform him that an IT operator was needed at the ICT center owned by the Commissioner.

This came two days after the teenager said that a teacher known as Austin called her on behalf of the Commissioner, after receiving her phone number from a friend at the NIMC registration center in Ibiada, Ogun Waterside, on December 29.

Barakat previously explained that he referred Austin to Lasisi Sahid himself when he asked for his phone number from NIMC.

It turned out that the saying Sahid is a supporter of Abu-Balogun. This was confirmed by the commissioner himself in his reaction to the accusations of Barakat.

Abudu-Balogun stated in a statement that “On that day the girl was brought to my home by one of my faithful, who is her uncle, to help her find a job as a computer operator at the ICT Center that I was helping at the time. Several years ago I was a member of the House of Representatives, which is dying, but I will soon be rehabilitated. “

In the video, a man who identified himself as the elder brother of the prosecutor’s father said:

“My name is Lasisi Sahid. I am the elder brother of Father Barakat. I live in Ita Ogun. I was in the house of the Venerable (Abudu-Balogun), where we had a meeting on December 31st, and they said that he needed someone who knows very well how to work with a computer. I said that I have a very nice girlfriend. They said that I should show him the girl and I left.

“I went to a meeting with Barakat at home and asked her if she was good at using a computer, she answered in the affirmative. So, I said: let’s go to the commissar’s house. I told her that she needed a computer operator at the ICT center, that they would pay her money. I told her to come and work there. She said she liked it.

“That time I told her to change, and she came to do it. I took her to the commissioner’s house.

“Before I went for Barakat, we had a meeting. In order not to bother us at the meeting, I told her to wait in the car. Later, I called Mariam to help me call her so that she could see the Venerable (Abudu-Balogun).

“I took her to the commissioner and introduced her as a girl who was supposed to work as a computer operator. The inspector got up and walked over to her. They entered together, possibly into the living room. I just saw them come in.

“And it took no more than five or ten minutes, they left. That’s all I know about this, ”he explained in Yoruba.

Governor Dapo Abiodun ordered the suspension of Abudu-Balogun pending a police investigation.

As the accusation began to provoke national backlash, the prosecutor and her father, Adesola Melojuecun, were asked to leave the matter alone, as the father announced the dismissal of the case.

However, the Ogun Police Department said the Commissioner would be investigated by his Criminal Investigation Unit, whether the prosecutor and his father dropped the case or not.

Watch the video below;

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