Because Osinbajo sings hope despite insecurity and economic hardship

Because Osinbajo sings hope despite insecurity and economic hardship

With insecurity in nearly all parts of the country, compounded by the atrocities of Boko Haram terrorists in the northeast, kidnapping, banditry and other crimes elsewhere, these are definitely troubling times for Nigerians at home and abroad. Police stations, once a refuge, have been targeted as police fled in search of safety.

The abductions and murders of schoolchildren have reached incredible levels. Boko Haram became more ferocious and brave. Terrorism, uprisings, kidnapping, mutilation, robbery and rape have escalated. It looks like clashes between herders and farmers are taking on new dimensions in some communities.

Among them, calls for secession and self-determination continue to be heard in some parts of the country, posing challenges to Nigeria’s democratic governance and unity. And with minimal success in easing tensions across the country, it is natural that it should be a titanic task for anyone in government to speak out or reach out to citizens about insecurity. Nonetheless, Vice President Yemi Osinbajo remained optimistic that the country would emerge from the current challenges of “a larger and more united Nigeria”, adding that “God’s promise of the country’s greatness will certainly be fulfilled.”

Osinbajo not only spoke firmly, but conveyed messages of hope and confidence in the government’s tireless efforts to address security concerns, he also held Security Council meetings with service leaders and presided over the Council meeting. National economy, where all the governors were present. urged them to immediately begin extensive dialogue and consultation to ensure a resolution of the crisis in their areas.

The Vice President has repeatedly called for the introduction of state and community policing throughout the country if Nigeria is to achieve effective policing. He remains adamant that a nation is overcoming the many challenges it faces and hopes that it will endure and grow stronger.

To ease tensions, Osinbajo brought a message of hope to the country’s most troubled areas, especially to the southeast, where unknown people, suspected pastors and separatists have repeatedly killed dozens of people by attacking police stations and other public buildings. , including the correctional houses where hundreds of prisoners were released in Imo State. He reached out to the separatists in the southwest, where unrest for the Yoruba nation is gaining momentum, to rethink, just as he called on the people of the north to remain united against the rebels.

Through the activities he supports, many Nigerians have come to see Osinbajo as the face of Muhammadu Bukhari’s administration, especially given the influence he must continue to exercise nationally and beyond in the performance of his duties. Over time, not only does Nigerians seem to have come to see him as a leader, but he also seems to attract attention whenever problems – good or bad – arise with the Bukhari-led government.

President Bukhari seems to have so much faith in Osinbajo that many of the significant achievements and accomplishments under his leadership are the result of programs and policies supported or directed by the vice president. These include Social Investment Programs (SIPs) before they were housed with the Department of Humanitarian Affairs.

In 2020, the vice president was tasked with chairing the Economic Sustainability Committee that ultimately developed the government’s Economic Sustainability Plan (ESP) to mitigate the socio-economic impact of the global COVID-19 pandemic on Nigerians. Since then, ESP has helped save millions of jobs and hundreds of thousands of businesses while supporting the economy.

ESP’s impact goes beyond the economy to security in terms of Nigerian livelihoods, although it helped stem the likely unrest that may have emanated from Nigerians who may have faced even more negative effects from the pandemic. excluding the Sustainable Development Plan. Interestingly, ESP is considered one of the main reasons why Nigeria came out of recession faster than other countries at the height of the pandemic.

Speaking at the 108th Annual Nigerian Baptist Convention, Professor Osinbajo reiterated his optimism that “Nigeria will become an oasis of peace, security and prosperity in Africa and beyond, despite its current challenges.”

According to the vice president, the nation may currently be experiencing storms and adversity, but “it will overcome its problems and fulfill its aspirations thanks to God’s promises of extraordinary greatness that awaits us …”

The Vice President, who spoke on “Moving Forward: Joyfully Completing the Race,” said, “This country will be the epicenter of astounding economic and scientific advancement in the 21st century. We will create here in Nigeria an oasis of peace, security and prosperity like never before on this continent and beyond.

“Today the clouds are cloudy, the promise seems as unfulfillable as it was for the children of Israel after they left Egypt for the promised land … but I am fully convinced that no one, no group, no ideology can break God’s promise for the greatness of Nigeria. … I see it clearly, I know it as my face. “

While expressing optimism about the greatness of the nation, the Vice President nevertheless urged Nigerians not to let the current situation shape their expressions or perceptions.

Also addressing the leaders of the All Progressive Congress of the Southeast (APC), especially the leaders and members of Anambra State, he said that Nigeria cannot afford war and that the country’s elites must stand up and speak the truth against the forces of division. preserve the unity of the nation.

According to him, “we cannot afford a war in this country … it is the political elite who will determine what happens.” If we remain silent, if we say nothing and hope that everything will return to normal, we may be wrong. And we may be on our way to something worse than what we see today.

“If the political elite do not make themselves felt, if we let them continue to slide, we will endanger ourselves and jeopardize the future of our country. I know that every conflict is the result of the inability of elites to speak and speak the truth to their communities; this is the cause of any civil conflict. “

Prof. Osinbajo recalled a personal experience he saw in Somalia in the 1990s when he came there to work with the United Nations. He said he saw a Supreme Court judge he met before queuing up for food after the country’s civil war.

He added: “All those who think they can go and hide somewhere; you won’t even find a place. In the end, everyone will suffer. Parents, children, young people and the elderly will suffer. ”
Osinbajo’s approaches and his speeches on national issues drew interesting applause, especially from young people on social media.

A Twitter user known as @ekpesfrancis, who retweets what Liberian President George Weah said about Osinbajo, said: “You kept your country together in peace while President Muhammad Bukhari was away. This is a good role model for other vice presidents. “

Also responding to Osinbajo’s stance on national development, another young man known as @ PhilipsJames15 said, “Osinbajo’s ideas and initiatives have influenced the lives of many Nigerians.”

For his part, another user, @ SugarG22, said, “What I love most about the many roles of Vice President is that His Excellency Yemi Osinbajo knows how to successfully tackle, intervene and resolve volatile issues peacefully where all parties are involved. happy with. “
PhilipsJames15 stated: “Prof. Yemi Osinbajo is the best vice president ever. And his ideas were very influential as ESP helped us get out of the recession. “

@KObambon: Vice President #YemiOsinbajo is the only force keeping Nigeria united. Underestimating him is like trying to break the last straw of Nigerian citizenship. “

Vice President Osinbajo knows how to deliver a speech; undoubtedly, his influence on the administration led by Bukhari was far-reaching. Despite challenges in some areas, few Nigerians will doubt Osinbajo’s continued presidency as vice president, all for the good of Nigerians and the country.

“We believe that we now have the opportunity to increase the number of new Nigerian tribes; – a tribe of men and women of all faiths, committed to the country of high values, honesty, hard work, justice and love, ”Osinbajo said at the recently held 12th Colloquium of Bola Tinubu.

Many analysts believe that the hope that the Vice President has repeatedly expressed and personified for the country’s great future is one of the main things Nigeria needs, especially at a time when some say the country can be in equilibrium in the world. fragile point of nationality.

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