Because the DSS ordered the blocking of the bank accounts of the #EndSARS promoters

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Because the DSS ordered the blocking of the bank accounts of the #EndSARS promoters

New evidence has emerged that the embargo on the bank accounts of some prominent supporters of the #ENDSARS protests was the result of a Department of Public Services (DSS) order.

THEWILL authoritatively found out that it was DSS who ordered the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) to freeze the bank accounts of 19 people and a company that was found to be supporting the protests.

Security officials also reportedly ordered the Nigeria Immigration Service (NIS) to prevent several protest activists from leaving or entering the country on the basis of intelligence information used with or without their knowledge by international and local conspirators. forcefully remove President Muhammad Bukhari from office.

Several sources familiar with the development told THEWILL that DSS CEO Yusuf Bichi Magaji, who secretly oversaw the #ENDSARS protests, advised the presidency to address protesters’ requests immediately, as he received real-time information that some unidentified people had infiltrated them and wanted to use the protests to provoke the removal of the president from office.

THEWILL also found out that in the midst of the unrest and tensions that shook the country, the DSS cited national security concerns and asked the central bank to freeze bank accounts associated with some of the protesters because it believed they were being used to channel money to continue the protests. to sabotage the federal government.

The frozen accounts are registered with First Bank Nigeria, Zenith Bank Plc., Guaranty Trust Bank Plc., United Bank for Africa Plc. and Fidelity Bank Plc.

The DSS, according to our sources, also instructed immigration officials to prevent certain people associated with the protests from leaving or entering the country without agency approval as part of an investigation.

The directives, as expected, have been greeted with outrage by the often troubled youth of Nigeria who make up the bulk of the #ENDSARS protest.

“The freezing of the bank accounts of some people associated with the ENDSARS movement and their inability to travel goes beyond CBN and NIS. They have received direct orders from the president in the name of national security and must obey others. They cannot even discuss it or ask questions about it. Now it is inaccessible to them and only to the special services, ”an intelligence source told THEWILL on condition of anonymity.

The source added: “Also let me add that CBN and NIS cannot unilaterally release these locks, even if they wish. They don’t have that kind of leeway or authority. Now it is far beyond them. I read that CBN went to court to get an order to provide them with additional legal support and possibly to protect commercial banks from obligations, but the truth is, they don’t even need to.

“The presidency has broad powers in the area of ​​national security, and any person or group of people who believes that their rights have been violated can go to court for damages. In most cases, court decisions are based on evidence presented by the authorities. ”

At least two people affected by the directive have been prosecuted. Bassey Israel, a Port Harcourt pharmacist who received drug donations through her Access Bank account, sued the bank, and Modupe Odele, who mobilized legal services for the detained protesters, was arrested with a foreign passport when he wanted to leave for several days. ago, he says he is suing the government.

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