Benue Church of Divine Shadows burned due to missing power

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Benue Church of Divine Shadows burned due to missing power

Enraged youths from the Daoudu community in the Guma local government district of Benue state burned the Divine Shadow Church in Daoudu on Tuesday, blaming its founder, the prophet Joshua Uhembe, in the church’s disappearance. male genitals in the community.

Three days ago, young people protested on the main Makurdi-Lafia highway over what they described as the disappearance of six men from the community within a month.

Our reporter recalled that a young man, accused of stealing genitals, committed suicide last month in a classroom in an area where there are also three camps for internally displaced persons (IDPs).

But in the new church burning, young people claimed that the prophet Uhembe and his accomplice Noah Saka were the architects of the disappearance of the genitals.

Nongu Francis, who claimed to be the victim, told our reporter that her genitals were stolen on October 10 this year, allegedly by a deceased who committed suicide.

Francis said he worked on the deceased’s farm, which later seduced him into performing several bathing rituals that instructed him to abstain from sex for six days, noting that after following the order, he could no longer have sex.

The victim also claimed that his situation was similar to that of many others who were bewitched by the deceased and his accomplice, who later recommended their victims to the accused prophet for release and eventual restoration of their organs.

Francis said his case was not a complete disappearance, but an inability to get an erection, as it was before the ritual bath, adding that he now remains hopeless after the death of the accused.

Another young man from the community, who simply identified himself as Jonah, said that the continued disappearance of the male organ of the victims resulted in the burning of the church, whose prophet the community believes was instrumental in an alleged act that upset the youth of the community. …

“We are surprised that someone who calls himself a man of God sinks so low that he removes the intimate parts of a person for ritual purposes.

“The young people did this to deter other people who might have such evil intentions.

“We thought that if he [Uhembe] he is not stopped, he can expand his activities to women, ”said another angry young man.

However, our correspondent was unable to locate the accused prophet in his comment at the time of sending this message, as some villagers claimed that he fled the scene of the fire in his church.

Meanwhile, Benue’s public relations police officer (PPRO), DSP Catherine Anene, confirmed the fire in the church, adding that some people were also arrested for destroying public property.

“If you claim that someone has robbed you of your masculinity, there is no excuse for you to go and destroy property.

“There is a proper legal procedure for everything.

“While I’m in the hospital to confirm if it’s true, we will take care of them anyway. [the protesters] like people who destroyed property, ”said Anen.

Source: – Daily Trust