Beware of Extremists Among You – CAN Tells Muslim Leaders

Beware of Extremists Among You – CAN Tells Muslim Leaders

The Christian Association of Nigeria congratulated the Supreme Council for Islamic Affairs of Nigeria and all Muslims in Nigeria on the successful completion of Ramadan.

The association also advised the council to warn extremists who are not very Muslim.

CAN Secretary General Dharamola Joseph delivered the message on Thursday in a statement entitled “CAN delights in NSCIA, Muslims in Sallah.”

In particular, it said: “We know that your fast was obedient to divine guidance:” O you who have believed, you have instituted fasting, as was prescribed for those who came before you, so that you can become righteous. ” Surah Al-Bakara 2: 183.

“May God answer all your devoted prayers raised during the month.

“We urge the NCI leadership to continue to warn extremists who are poorly rooted in the faith and whose evil and wicked actions create a bad reputation for Islam.

“It is customary to know that no devout person will participate in the propaganda of violence, kidnapping, banditry and terrorism, or identify with criminals.”

The association also praised the efforts made by the police and other security services to ensure a peaceful celebration, and prayed that leaders would experience the fear of God in order to do what is right, right, and divine.

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