Beware of girls, 93% of all in them is a lie, – Pastor Akpor tells men.

Posted by on Oct 29, 2020, Under: News

Beware of girls, 93% of everything in them is a lie, – Pastor Akpor tells the men.

The man of God instructs men to be careful with the type of woman they follow so as not to fall into their lies.

Nigerian men are warned to be wary of women because they know how to lie.

Pastor Michael Akpor of God’s Palace Bible Church in Delta State posted the advice in a viral video.

The priest reported this during a sermon in his church. According to Akpora, 93% of everything about women is a lie.

He did his best to advise men on the “best” time to propose to a woman so that they can see the girl’s true color.

“Guys! I want to tell you two things, beware of cheaters, everything about girls, 93% is a lie.

If you want to get a girl involved, walk around 6 AM while she’s still asleep so you can see the girl’s real color. “He said.

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