Big Pharma Enlarged Their Assassination List Including A Doctor Who Shared Devastating Data About C-19 Shots

WATCH VIDEO BELOW! Breaking: Big Pharma Enlarged Their Assassination List Including A Doctor Who Shared Devastating Data About C-19 Shots


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  1. Democrats just want to get rid of people who do not vote for them.Im 68 have had Covid twice now. I have not and will not ever get this damn shot.And no e of my family have had it. We have lost family from blood clots. Healthy people who just dropped dead.

    • Natural Immunity works- just don’t comply with it !!! I might add also that you might start throwing some Memes on the internet about the current situation !!! They will implode from the Memes !!!

  2. I’ve been waiting for years for this pandemic to happen and I was astonished to see people complying to the mandates that they were illegally attacking us. I knew no one who had covid but I have lost five family members and two good friends from the shot! My two sons also got it but so far they are doing ok! It’s time for Americans to come together and create a plan to dismantle the past fifty years of secret evil groups, corrupted politicians, FBI, DOJ, Fema, Homeland Security, the C.D.C, The World Health Organization etc. WHEN THEY START KILLING YOUR CHILDREN I PRAY AMERICANS WILL DESTROY THESE DESTROYERS AND THE AGENDA HAS ALREADY BEGUN! LETS DON’T WAIT FOR A MILLION CHILDREN TO BE MURDERED, THEY’VE ALREADY KILLED OVER A MILLION ADULTS!

    • Meme them to death- they can’t take being made fun of- they will implode !!! Destroy the Enemy from within, like they have with our current Administration !!! Believe me when I say this- watch the Salty Cracker on YouTube, or create an account on Rumble and watch his Rants, or Gab for that matter !!! Where Free Speech is at the fore front for Alternative Social Media !!! You won’t be disappointed !!!

  3. God bless you and I’m sending love and prayers that we remove this evil and insanity from our Country soon. Thank you for bringing hope to America and for explaining to the American People what’s going on. I’m from Wyoming and doing my best to remove Liz Cheney from her seat. I’m voting for Harriet Hageman and asking my family and friends to do the same. We need to bring back God, Our Constitution, faith, and honesty for our people.

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