BLS International Signs Biometric Services Agreement for UK Nigerians

BLS said in a press release that a partnership agreement was reached between outsourcing provider BLS International and Files Solutions Limited to help Nigeria’s National Identity Management Commission (NIMC) offer biometric registration services to Nigerians residing in the UK.

There are about 205,000 Nigerians in the UK, of whom about 97,000 live in London.

Under a three-year agreement, BLS will allow NIMC to register biometric and biographical data of Nigerians for the issuance of National Identification Numbers (NINs) through the Digital Identity Database Registration program, which is also carried out at home.

According to the BLS announcement, central London will soon begin distributing the NIN as well as the Universal Multipurpose Cards (GMPC), which will be used by Nigerians overseas for a variety of purposes, including issuing passports, registering voters and opening a bank account, among others. others.

A biometric-backed NIN is also required for some services in Nigeria, such as issuing a driver’s license and registering for admission to public universities.

Shikhar Aggarwal, CEO of BLS International, expressed his satisfaction after the deal was closed, saying the company expects to offer simplified services to NIMC.

“We are delighted to support the initiative of the National Identity Management Commission of Nigeria to help them simplify identity management services for Nigerian citizens. Our industry expertise and our technology services will help you complete a project without disruption and ensure its success. We are pleased to strengthen our presence with new partnerships serving global and local government clients, ”said Aggarwal.

The message says that as part of this identity service management process, help lines, a contact email address, and a website will be available to users in the coming days.

This business is not new to BLS International as it has carried out identity management and verification projects for the governments of Canada, Afghanistan and Egypt.

Source: – Biometric Updates

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