Booney Committee resolves APC zoning dispute

Booney Committee resolves APC zoning dispute

There are indications that Gov. Mai Mala Buni, led by the Emergency Planning Committee for the National Convention of the Interim Committee / All-Progressive Congress (APC), may have taken steps to quell the controversy over which geopolitical zone will nominate the next presidential candidate. ruling party.

The Nation concluded that the national guardian party leadership, which is also tasked with holding an electoral meeting that will lead to new SPS leadership across the country, deems it necessary to resolve the issue of zoning or, otherwise, a presidential ticket. before the election of the new National Labor Committee (CNT) of the party.

A national party conference is scheduled for June, during which a new executive council will be formed.

Sources close to Gov. Yobe and his team told our reporter that Booney was inundated with warnings to tell party members what the APC intends to do with the presidential ticket before a new one is elected. national president of the Union of Right Forces.

Sources also said that after several discussions and consultations on the matter, the trusteeship committee now sees the need to resolve a heated debate on zoning prior to the election convention.

“Beyond the question of the agreement, a party has the right to make sure that it gives all areas a sense of belonging at any time,” the source said.

The source went on to say: “Usually in the same area where the national president is located, one should not look for a presidential ticket.

“Some other positions of the party also require discussion and discussion, taking into account what will happen in 2023.

“So the general consensus at APC right now is that Booney and his people should consider resolving the zoning dispute as part of their assignment.

“Election of the country’s president without deciding where the presidential candidate will be nominated from creates another problem.

As of today, I can tell you that Governor Booney and his team have informed various stakeholders and groups within the party that it is best for the APC to end the zoning disputes before their next NWC is elected.

“And efforts are being made to get the party to discuss and resolve this issue as soon as possible.”

The APC National Executive Council (NEC) recently extended the mandate of Gov. Mai Mala Buni, led by the National Observatory / Emergency Party Planning Committee, for another six months.

The state of emergency of the agro-industrial complex NIK also dissolved all states, zonal and national party structures.

Currently, Booney and his colleagues must complete all their tasks by June this year.

One committee member, who asked to remain anonymous, told The Nation that the committee is not alone in trying to resolve the zoning dispute.

According to him, APC is a party that believes in order and therefore does not leave any disputes unresolved.

He said: “Our party is an organized organization that will not allow any differences of opinion to drag on until a crisis occurs.

“Yes, the guardianship committee is working to solve this problem and put an end to all disputes about this.

“APC is a family and we have our own ways of solving problems.

“Not only the guardianship committee or the governor of Buni want to resolve this issue, all party bodies and even the government are united in the conviction that no issue should bother the party for a long time.”

Source: – The Nation

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