Wedding dresses 2022 – 12 main trends

What outfits are waiting for the brides next year? Feminine, fabulous and eye-catching. Want to know a little more? We tell and show trends in wedding dresses 2022, but we consider it important to warn that fashion is a recommendation, not a direct guide to action. Choose an outfit for the most important day with your heart, and not … Read more

20 new wedding ideas 2022

Every year we carefully select fresh ideas that you can use for your holiday and be original. To do this, we browse dozens of sites about weddings, culture and design news, so be sure that the very best for the wedding in 2022 has been collected here. 1. Given what is happening in the world, people … Read more

Everything you need to know about wedding seating

It seems that the most difficult part of the preparation is over? Wait, you haven’t planned the seating arrangements for your wedding yet! In order to distribute the invitees, you do not need to be a mathematician, but it is worth knowing the basic rules. Fortunately, you have us – we tell you who to seat with whom, … Read more

Everything for the look of the bride in autumn 2022

What bridal look to make in the fall of 2021? What dress to choose? Shoes? What to wear on top to keep warm? We picked the most fashionable things for you and even left links to order (pictures are also clickable). Don’t thank 🙂 Stylish dresses for autumn brides Midi dress with voluminous sleeves  BUY  2. Short shirt dress BUY  … Read more

60 cool entertainment ideas for wedding guests

The most frequent question that our editors receive from brides is what to do with the invitees, except for competitions from the presenter? Coming up with worthwhile activities is really difficult, so we have collected for you as many as 60 entertainment ideas for guests at the wedding. We are sure that each couple will find among … Read more

Classic wedding in a modern style – how to arrange?

A timeless wedding, refined and elegant, appropriate even after decades? These words are about a classic wedding. No matter how much time passes, it will look relevant and will not raise questions as too bold trends. Many people are reluctant to arrange such a holiday, fearing that it will be traditional and boring, but this is easily avoided. We … Read more

What do they eat at celebrity weddings?

Everyone loves to look at photos from celebrity weddings and learn details about them. What was on the bride? What did the groom look like? How did you decorate the ceremony area? Who came to the celebration? But you know what is no less interesting – what do they feed guests at celebrity weddings? Surely something unusual is served at such … Read more

Anxiety before the wedding – the best ways to deal with it

Anxiety before the wedding – is it normal? And how! After all, it is one of the most stressful events in life. Most couples find the wedding celebration to be a nerve-wracking experience, despite the fact that the event itself is a pleasant one. Although most people get stressed during the preparation for the wedding, this does not … Read more

9 really critical mistakes of brides

In preparing this article, we searched the net for examples of brides’ mistakes. Stumbled upon a real minefield! Dozens of sites talk about 40 or even 50 mistakes that in no case can be done in order not to spoil the wedding – it seems that any step can be fatal. In fact, everything is not so scary, … Read more

The most beautiful dates for a wedding in 2023

Almost every bride dreams of getting married on the best day. But what is this day like? Sunny, with clear weather and a pretty date on the calendar (why not). While some couples don’t even look at the numbers when planning a wedding, others are ready to stand in front of the registry office all night in order … Read more

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