Buhari: Nigerians can fend for themselves when infrastructure is in place

The president, Major General Muhammadu Buhari (retired), said Nigerians will be able to fend for themselves when the infrastructure is in place.

Buhari said this Thursday during his meeting with the president of the Islamic Development Bank, Mohammed Al-Jasser, on the sidelines of the Paris Peace Forum in France.

The president’s special advisor for media and advertising, Femi Adesina, made it known in a statement titled: “When infrastructure is in place, our people can fend for themselves, President Buhari tells IDB president.” .

According to the statement, Buhari said his administration is committed to an infrastructure renaissance for Nigeria due to sustainability.

“We are fighting very hard for infrastructure because there can be no sustainable development without it,” the president said.

He continued: “Considering the vastness of our country, we need roads, railways, energy, airports, housing, and that is what we have been committed to for the past six years. And our people are seeing the new developments. With regard to the resources at our disposal, we have not done wrong. When the infrastructure is in place, our people can take care of themselves ”.

Thanking the president of the IDB, Buhari said: “What we depend on so much (crude oil) has lost a lot of energy. It is gradually returning and we are breathing a little more with some confidence. But we expect greater cooperation from you ”.

In response, Al-Jasser told Buhari: “I am impressed with your infrastructure policies, which will empower young people and encourage the private sector. Nigeria is a fundamental country for us and deserves all the help possible ”.

The president of the IDB then assured Buhari that the bank will continue to support Nigeria, as its main role was to promote development among its stakeholders.

Source: – Punch Ng

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