Bukhari Appoints Dikko Head of Small Arms and Arms Control Directorate

Bukhari Appoints Dikko Head of Small Arms and Arms Control Directorate

Nigerian President Muhammadu Bukhari has appointed RTD Major General A.M. Dikko is the first coordinator of the National Center for the Control of Small Arms and Light Weapons (NCCSALW).

The president said in a Monday statement that Bukhari approved the creation of NCCSALW.

The agency will be housed in the office of the national security adviser.

The NCCSALW replaces the defunct Presidential Committee on Small Arms and Light Weapons and will serve as an institutional mechanism for policy leadership, research and monitoring of all aspects of small arms and light weapons (SALW) in Nigeria.

The decision, the president said, is part of an ongoing restructuring of Nigeria’s security architecture to address emerging threats and strengthen the regional mechanism for the control, prevention and regulation of small arms and light weapons.

“The impact of the spread of SALW across national borders in Africa and the Sahel region has led to terrorism, human trafficking, organized crime and uprisings in West Africa and Nigeria,” the Chairmanship said.

“Thus, as one of the measures to address this threat, the new Center will meet the requirements of the ECOWAS moratorium on the import, export and production of small arms, as well as the United Nations Plan of Action to Prevent, Combat and Eradicate Illicit Trafficking. trade in small arms and light weapons.

“NCCSALW will act as the national focal point for SALW in Nigeria and lead a multi-stakeholder process that will involve government ministries, departments, agencies and civil society in the implementation of all UN and ECOWAS national SALW control action plans.

“The center will support international cooperation and will also operate zonal offices in six geopolitical zones to ensure rapid response and effective resource mobilization.”

The presidency has stated that Dikko has held various positions in Nigeria and beyond. He was the course director of the International Peacekeeping Center. Kofi Annan and Chief Instructor of the Nigerian Army Peacekeeping Center.

He has also served as a military adviser to the United Nations Office of West Africa, Director of Defense Staff for Peacekeeping Operations, Commander of Operations LAST HOLD and Commander of Operation LAFIYA DOLE, to name a few.

The Pioneer Coordinator has extensive experience with ECOWAS and the UN system and must ensure that the objectives of the NCCSALW are met.

Source: – Guardian Ng

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