Bukhari did not condemn the shooting of Lekka for giving the order – Timi Frank

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Bukhari did not condemn the shooting of Lekka for giving the order – Timi Frank

The order to kill unarmed demonstrators outside the toll station in Lekki was given by President Muhammad Bukhari, according to Timi Frank, former deputy national secretary of advertising for the Congress of All Progressives (APC).

Frank stated this yesterday when commenting on Bukhari’s speech.

He called the speech an insult to the wounds inflicted on the Nigerians.

The president’s speech to the nation on Thursday night was heavily criticized.

In a statement Friday, Frank accused the president of severe insensitivity.

He said Bukhari did not acknowledge the killing of Nigerians by soldiers at the Lecca toll collection point in Lagos.

The attack sparked worldwide outrage. Nigerians and the international community have asked for an investigation.

Frank said: “Bukhari, as commander in chief of the armed forces, is in charge of the Nigerian army, so he cannot deny that he ordered soldiers to be stationed at the toll booth that rained bullets that killed #EndSARS protesters.

“It is quite clear, I dare say, that Bukhari did not knowingly condemn this shameful act and did not order an investigation into the massacre of unarmed and peaceful #EndSARS demonstrators at the toll station in Lekki on Tuesday night, because he was complicit in the use of deadly force for the sad famous military operation. …

“It is inconceivable that after such a terrible rain of bullets at unarmed demonstrators, the president still could not sympathize with the wounded or sympathize with those who have lost loved ones.”

Frank called on the International Criminal Court (ICC) to take decisive action against the country’s leader, the governor of Lagos state and the Nigerian army.

He said that instead of a conciliatory speech, Bukhari was full of military rhetoric even when he was president-elect.

“It is clear that there is nothing to cheer up in a speech that belittled and tried to hide the tragedy of an attack on innocent young people who did not exercise their basic human rights and expressed their frustration through peaceful gatherings and demonstrations.

“Moreover, the speech was riddled with threats and condescendingly repressive. I dare say that Bukhari’s speech poses a greater threat to national security than the peaceful protests that they dispersed by force using large-caliber military weapons and ammunition. “

He complained that the president was more concerned about salary increases for police officers and other military security forces, not to mention compensation for the young people affected by Lekka.

“Bukhari’s speech is a monumental insult and mockery of the Nigerians. There is no sympathy for the wounded and injured. Rather, he threatened the Nigerians. His statement was mechanical, incoherent, and non-presidential. Nigerians deserve the best! What a pity!”