Bukhari is nothing but a clown if he can’t fix Nigeria – Pastor Giva

Bukhari is nothing but a clown if he can’t fix Nigeria – Pastor Giva

The senior pastor of the ministry awaiting the second coming of Christ, Adewale Gibeah, said that the disintegration of the country is the only way out of its current situation.

According to him, the state police are not the solution to the problem.

Speaking Sunday to members of his church in Akura, the priest said the governors would take over the state police building for their own benefit.

He said that the failure of President Muhammad Bukhari to fix the situation in the country after six years makes him a clown.

He also accused the governors of being late with a number of solutions aimed at solving national problems.

The priest said, “They have been waiting too long and I think the situation is already out of control. Renovation overdue, no state police.

“Do a survey today about what the Nigerian people want, they will tell you nothing but disintegration.

“The President, through his assistants, made it clear that he would not give in to the threats of restructuring the country.

“This message simply means that the president does not believe in restructuring and no threats can change his mind.

“They want citizens to continue wallowing in absolute poverty; Do you think you can control my destiny?

“Responsible government does not wait for citizens to beg before doing what they want. Why do you think I should ask you for work, electricity or good roads?

“Are you spending personal money? The money you spend belongs to you and me. If you cannot fix the country, then you are just a clown.

“Let me reiterate that Nigeria must strive to disintegrate.”

His commentary came amidst the specks of dust following the Governors of the South Resolutions sponsored by the Forum of Governors of the South during a recent meeting in Asaba, Delta State.

Among the decisions taken were a ban on open-air grazing in the south, restructuring the country, respect for federal character, inviolability of the nation’s unity, state police, and a call for national dialogue.

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