Bukhari is worse than Jonathan in government – Ezekwesili is cool

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Bukhari is worse than Jonathan in the government – Ezekwesili is cool

The President of Nigeria, Muhammadu Bukhari, was accused of not having the ability and temperament to lead such a diverse country as Nigeria.

The charge comes from Dr. Obi Ezekvesili, a former minister of education. He said this in an interview with the Daily Independent.

Ezekvesili, a former presidential candidate who is launching a new initiative called #FixPolitics, said religious divisions and divisions in Nigeria have now intensified due to “irresponsible, clannish, provincial, incompetent and ineffective management of our diversity.” President Bukhari. “

While countries such as Botswana, Singapore and South Korea that gained independence in the 1960s, such as Nigeria, successfully transformed their societies, she said, Nigeria was still in the dark about the fact that they not bound by common aspirations. principles.

He said: “As a result of these failures in reaching consensus, Nigeria has stumbled as a country of people not united by common aspirations and common principles.

“How different the results would be if we were a country driven by aspirations such as equal opportunity, inclusive growth and prosperity, social cohesion and stability.

“This is demonstrated by our #FixPolitics study as some of the elements that other countries have transformed into their societies.

“We found that countries like Botswana, Singapore and South Korea prioritize human development, merit, productivity and healthy competition between participants as well as their citizens.

“The results are evident in their economic performance and the well-being of their citizens has improved significantly compared to Nigeria: all three countries gained independence from Britain in the 1960s.”

However, reality is already beginning. Because after many decades of ignoring the obvious to all discerning and sensible compatriots, it is becoming clearer and clearer that our union is now facing the greatest threat to its existence.

“It’s just that everything is not right with Nigeria and the Nigerians. Our country, Nigeria, is on the brink of rupture despite the delusional protests of federal government officials and their flatterers.

“Our ethnic and religious divisions and differences have never been sharper and deeper than they are now.

“And all this is due to the irresponsible, clannish, provincial, incompetent and ineffective treatment of our diversity by President Bukhari, who simply does not know how and does not have the temperament to learn how to lead a society as diverse as Nigeria.

“The combination of factors that threaten the existence of Nigeria is expressed in the consistent and arrogant ethnic fanaticism of President Bukhari.”

Ezekwesili said that Bukhari was much worse than his predecessor, Goodluck Jonathan.

He added: “It will remain a miracle that President Bukhari, who was elected by a representative part of the Nigerian people in a protest vote against his failed predecessor, in turn buried Nigeria in the trenches of a giant failure. historical proportions.

“The failures of Nigeria under President Bukhari have become extremely volatile.

“It is very frustrating to see our political leaders continue to pretend that Nigeria is currently under power.

“How can the political leadership of a country that is virtually insolvent, terribly fragile on all fronts of national security, and has lost its leadership and diplomatic clout even in West Africa, continue to behave as if everything were normal?”

Ezekvesili, who said there was no difference between the ruling All-Progressive Congress (APC) and the Democratic People’s Party (PDP), added that politicians from both parties were like Siamese twins who put their selfish interests above the rule of people’s welfare.

“This impenetrability was the same position as the previous government of the current opposition party.

“Most Nigerians are fed up with our politicians’ Siamese Twin Syndrome, whether they belong to the All Progressive Congress (APC) or the Democratic People’s Party (PDP).

“Their party acronyms may differ, but the people in our politics today are embryonic and exhibit a common and dominant political culture that puts the narrow interests of our politicians ahead of the well-being of the people they rule.

“Nigerians have experienced and are now openly expressing frustration with the ‘failure’ and ‘gradual failure’ of the political ruling class in Nigeria at the federal, state or local government level.

“They are created by an environment that allows them to act without consequences, and the incentive to which they respond, to manage in ways that do not produce results for