Business owners helplessly watch as bandits break into their warehouses, taking goods to Edo (video)

Posted by on Oct 25, 2020, Under: News

Business owners helplessly watch as bandits break into their warehouses, taking goods to Edo (video)

Businessmen were brought to tears recently when thugs stole their goods in Edo state.

It appears to have been a sad day for these entrepreneurs in Edo state after thugs young and old stormed their warehouses and took their property on the Eribo estate in Yegor’s local government, Edo state on Saturday October 24th.

The state government had a warehouse on the estate where COVID19 palliatives were kept. The estate also housed a number of other warehouses where private business owners stored their goods.

The bandits stormed the warehouses and accepted the palliatives found there. Without doing so, they also stormed the warehouses of other businessmen and took away various items, including groceries, baby diapers, and beverage cartons.

The businessmen moaned uncontrollably as they watched the thugs rob their warehouses. The property administration reportedly tried to convince security personnel to stop the looting, but reportedly failed.

One of the owners of the company, Vincent Ekedjugba, said:

They searched my store. Everything is inside the warehouse. I do not know what to do. “

Another businessman, Damian Ecekwe, describes how they alerted security personnel to the situation.

“We went to the mobile barracks. We met the commander there and begged him to give us the police to come and fire the boys because they are breaking our warehouse and packing our goods. The mobile man said he couldn’t do without him. don’t call the police commissioner, ”said Ejekwe.

Ejekwe said he received several police officers who also refused to come to their aid because they feared they might kill someone when they tried to disperse the thugs.

It took some military efforts to disperse the youth.