Business woman yells when AMAC allegedly shuts down her business, leaving customers and staff inside

Business woman yells when AMAC allegedly shuts down her business, leaving customers and staff inside

A business woman whose restaurant was reportedly sealed by the Abuja Municipal District Council (AMAC) with visitors and staff inside, complained on social media.

A 35-year-old woman owns a restaurant with several branches in Abuja. He explained that his branch in Guarimpe was closed by AMAC while he was absent from the meeting.

When the officials arrived and asked for a “receipt for food handlers,” he explained over the phone that they had one but was at his Wuse 2 branch. He said he had begged them to be patient and get a receipt, but they refused.

According to her, they still sealed the restaurant “visitors inside for 4 hours and asked for 250,000 naira.”

He also claimed that they make different requests every day to disrupt his business. She complained that the government doesn’t care about its citizens, but when entrepreneurs try to provide citizens with jobs, they get frustrated.

She explained that she tried her best to do the right thing and write down everything that needs to be written down before starting a business, but AMAC continues to find new reasons to upset her.

He said: “Last year I did the whole recording, we paid through REMITA, then they keep coming every day. When we show them the release receipt, they keep saying, “Oh, this is not us, this is ours.” Give it to us. “

“This year I said ok. Let’s do it Nigerian, give us everything we have to pay, and then I give you, let’s pay everything and give me the receipt. He went, went, they gave us all the checks.

“They said we have to test all staff. I was in no hurry, almost a hundred people, I drove them all, batch after batch, to the hospital to be tested. The results are here. This is the result of the work of food managers, we have them, wait until I come, they closed this place. “

He continued, “Why should we bribe you to do the right thing? It’s annoying as hell that we have to do our best to constantly work to provide for the people the government should provide, but we take that responsibility and then you’re damn frustrated every single day, I’m only 35 years old, I cannot calmly do business. What country is it? “

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