CALSER To Amnesty: You Have 7 Days To Leave Nigeria Or We Will Burn Your Offices

One group, the Center for African Liberation and Socio-Economic Rights, sponsored by the Nigerian Army Chief of Staff Tukur Buratai, asked Amnesty International to leave Nigeria within seven days.

“To rebuild Nigeria, Amnesty International must be out of the way. Kelser then delivers a seven-day ultimatum to Amnesty International to leave Nigeria. The NGO’s failure to leave Nigeria will cause civil disobedience in its offices in Abuja and Lagos on a scale that will make the looting and arson campaign it has waged easy.

“Its staff will be treated the same way as innocent policemen were lynched by crowds,” Princess Ajibola, calling for CASLER, told a press conference Wednesday.

The group’s threat followed Amnesty International’s revelations that on 20 October, the Nigerian army killed at least 10 people calling for an end to police brutality in the country while shooting peaceful demonstrators in the Lekki motorhome area in Lagos. …

The incident sparked worldwide outrage as criminals seized the opportunity to vandalize and destroy public facilities, including police stations and bus fleets across the country.

According to a military source, a certain Philip Agbese from Benue State is the leader of the Center for African Liberation and Socio-Economic Rights and all other groups used for such sinister purposes by Buratai and other government officials.

“All groups and public organizations are fictitious, they are financed by Buratai. They were all founded by a certain Philippe Agbese, a native of Benue state.

“He created all groups and public organizations that support the military, there are about 10 of them. They also have media houses and they made a lot of money on Buratay,” the source said.

Under Buratay’s supervision, the Nigerian military was unable to defend much of the country, especially in the northeast, with the result that Boko Haram bandits and terrorists began shelling civilian targets and military bases.

Nigerian calls for President Muhammad Bukhari to fire service leaders, including Buratai, due to growing insecurity in society, were met with silence as military leaders continued to hold office despite needed changes.

Source: – Sahara Reporter.

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