capital projects will receive 65% of Zulum’s 208 billion budget for 2021

capital projects will receive 65% of Zulum’s 208 billion budget for 2021

Borno State Governor Prof. Babagana Umar Zulum on Wednesday proposed N208b for the 2021 budget with 65% for capital projects and 35% for recurrent costs.

The governor, during his speech at the state meeting in Maiduguri, proposed N135.1b for capital expenditures, which is 65%, and N72.7b for operating costs, which is 35% of the total.

Zulum also announced that the budget will be funded from legal funds and domestic revenue.

Dubbed the “People’s Budget for Recovery and Consolidation,” Zulum said the budget’s purpose is to lay the groundwork for the implementation of the development plan recently launched by his administration. The 25-year plan has an initial 10-year phase.

Governor Zulum, in his sectoral assignments, declared # 16.2b the highest education; N15.7b on reconstruction, rehabilitation and resettlement of internally displaced persons and refugees; The N11.7b award was given for road construction and rehabilitation works in many parts of the state, including the rehabilitation of the Damboa-Biu road, the Chibok-Askira road, the Jiddari Polo road, the customs overpass, the post office twinning for the Gwange Tomb site, customs-to-road dualization Muna, construction of the Maiduguri-Bama road, renovation of the cities of Askira and Monguno, among others.

The governor also announced funding for N10.4b health projects, including the construction of an orthopedic hospital and ongoing funding for the Borno State University Clinical Hospital.
Agriculture was awarded N9.4b and N5.7b by the Borno State Road Maintenance Agency (BORMA), and N4.2b was awarded for housing and energy for the construction of a new city property of 500 houses a Maiduguri and shopping complexes in each of the state’s senatorial districts … Other sectors received smaller allocations depending on budget concentration.

The Governor announced a plan to support 100,000 irrigated farmers and expand the reach of all local governments.

Zulum, in its fiscal year 2020 review, recalled some of the projects completed, which included the construction of 22 roads, including a 43 km road network with 30 km of drainage, a total coverage of 15 km and a continuous coverage of 13.2 km. km, only 71.2 km, and the bridge in Maiduguri became the first overpass. He also said that 33 health centers have been built across the state and 7 health facilities, including general hospitals, have been rehabilitated. Two maternity hospitals were also built.

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