Car wash assistant arrested after escaping in a customer’s SUV

Car wash assistant arrested after escaping in a customer’s SUV

Ogun State Police arrested a car wash worker named Idris Ayotunde when he escaped in a customer’s SUV he stole in Lagos.

The suspect was arrested in the village of Alakia via Olodo at around 8:17 a.m. by a safer road patrol team that is resting and searching along the Abeokuta / Ibadan expressway.

The group stopped the car and demanded documents, which the suspect could not produce, after which he was taken to Oded’s headquarters, where personal data protection officer Ajayi Williams personally questioned the suspect and found out that he did steal the car.

The suspect, who claimed to be an AED from a polytechnic in one of the southwestern states, explained that he joined a car wash located at the Jimoh Shasha Akowonjo bus stop in Lagos state no earlier than a month later.

He also claimed that the owner of the car mistook her for a vacuum cleaner and gave him the key.

Since their car wash doesn’t have a vacuum cleaner, he decided to take it to a nearby car wash, but on the way he changed his mind and ran away in the car.

He was on his way to Ibadan, where he intended to get rid of the car, which the police drove up to and later arrested.

The owner of the car, Ms. Shofidiya Tosin, who reported the incident to the Shashi police station, was contacted and confirmed that the car had been stolen.

Meanwhile, KP Police Commissioner Edward Avolovo Ajogun ordered the immediate transfer of the case to the State Directorate of Criminal Investigation and Intelligence for transfer to the Lagos State Command, where the car was stolen.

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