Cardinal Onayekan: Nigerians Deceived by the Bukhari Government

Former Archbishop of the Catholic Diocese of Abuja, Cardinal John Onayekan, said President Muhammad Bukhari’s admission that Nigerians do not trust his government is a positive step.

The priest said this in response to Bukhari’s Christmas message when he appeared on a television program.

Onayekan attributed the growing public distrust of the Bukhari administration to widespread deception that was played out.

“It is good that President Bukhari realizes that his government bears a serious responsibility for the lack of trust, and it is not good for the country that citizens cannot trust their government even when the government tries to do so. right, there is always the feeling of “let’s wait and see, maybe this is still one of those things,” which means to tell the truth to the authorities, our government has to look at its working methods, its working methods, ”he said.

“Until now, they should know why they have a lack of trust, why people do not seem to want to trust them. If you ask me basically, you trust someone who is sincere, but if you have too many cases where the government says one thing, and perhaps does another, this is a recipe for lack of trust. “

In support of his point of view, the Catholic cleric quoted the statement of the current administration that Boko Haram was defeated even when the deadly sect keep killing Nigerians.

He continued, “We have heard a lot about fake news, huge deception, this is not true, and if, for example, we are told that Boko Haram was defeated and they are still active, people will ask what you mean. , are you serious about the fact that every time an ad for Boko Haram comes up again, people say, well, let’s wait and see until we’re really sure what it means we have a challenge and the government should take her seriously. anyone who speaks for the government must believe in the holiness of truth.

“Nigerians are ready to hear the truth, but when they are constantly deceived, it is not good for the government or for those who are being ruled. Here everyone must be tested for conscience. Therefore, I throw the ball not only to President Bukhari himself, but also to everyone who, together with him, leads the affairs of this country. We will be very happy to have a government that we can trust. ”

Onayekan said the country managed to avoid significant development because leaders refused to demonstrate the political will needed to bring about change.

He called on Bukhari to address the widespread insecurity in the country, adding that people can only trust their leaders when they are in line with words and actions.

Source: – Sahara Reporter.

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