Catholic bishop warns FG against placing soldiers in #EndSARS protest area

Catholic bishop warns FG against placing soldiers at #EndSARS protest sites

Alfred Martins, Catholic Archbishop of Lagos, warned President Bukhari against placing soldiers at #EndSARS protest sites across the country.

The aforementioned bishop said that placing security personnel in protest could only lead to injury, possible death and escalation of the conflict. Martins also advised young people to stay peaceful during the protests while the whole world watches them.

His statement was readable;

“Such a measure, if adopted, can only lead to injuries and possible deaths, as well as to escalate protests. It tends to turn largely peaceful protests into violent ones.
“Therefore, we call on the federal government to remain committed to dialogue, listening to the demands of young people and other well-meaning Nigerians.
“We are grateful to the government for meeting the demands of the youth. Now the whole country is looking forward to concrete steps to implement them.
“We believe that a sincere and transparent response to young people’s requests will go a long way in breaking the current stalemate.”

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