Celestine Donkor: Why do I use the veil to cover my butt

Ghanaian gospel singer Celestine Donkor explained why she uses a “veil to cover her seriously favorite butt”.

Reacting to the observation of someone always using a back veil, she said it’s because she doesn’t want to distract men.

She noted that she was aware of how God had favored and blessed her with a “huge behind” since she was young.

Now as a gospel singer, she said she has decided to wear clothes that cover this “resource” so that people can focus on her voice and her songs.

He wrote on Facebook:

Someone asked me why almost all of my dresses have a veil on the back, the person said that the way I dress is becoming one way.

Well here’s my answer:

I am very aware that God has seriously favored my behind. That thing my mother gave me is a heavy duty. Since my teens, people like to keep up with me. So I decided to always cover it with a veil as much as possible so that they can “focus on my voice and my songs” So I’m sorry you will see more veils. Hope my answer makes sense even though #JesusIsLord

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