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Classic wedding in a modern style – how to arrange?

A timeless wedding, refined and elegant, appropriate even after decades? These words are about a classic wedding. No matter how much time passes, it will look relevant and will not raise questions as too bold trends. Many people are reluctant to arrange such a holiday, fearing that it will be traditional and boring, but this is easily avoided. We tell you how to organize everything so that the celebration turned out to be modern.

Erin Kaiulani

Attributes of a wedding in a classic style

At a traditional wedding:

Jacqueline Benét Photography


In an ideal world, for such a celebration, you would choose a place with history – a family mansion, an old restaurant, a museum, or even a hall in a palace. It is possible that some will arrange a holiday on a similar site, but not every city has such an opportunity. Here’s what else might work:

The main thing to remember is that the site should not be thematic and with an abundance of wood, this is already rustic , which is extremely difficult and expensive to remake to the desired style. Look for neutral looking places.

Kristin Sautter

Alicia Lacey

Erin Kaiulani

Classic wedding colors

The main color at such a holiday is white and its shades (milky, ivory, snowy). But keep in mind that in order to avoid the feeling of cold and a hospital ward, white is combined with:

Aziz Studios

Lovely Light Imagery / Brooke Boyd Photo

Jen Huang / Alicia Lacey

Wedding decoration in classic style

The queen of the traditional wedding is the white rose. And, although florists often use roses, there are other flowers that can replace or complement them: look at peonies, hydrangeas, chrysanthemums, hyacinths or freesias.

Alicia Lacey Photography

Aziz Studios

In the design of the banquet area, adhere to the classic approach, but do not be too diligent in this, it is worth adding modern details. For example, you can put both traditional candelabra and minimalist candlesticks on the tables.

Jacqueline Benét Photography / Lovely Light Imagery

Alicia Lacey Photography

The ceiling can be decorated with a huge chandelier straight from Disney fairy tales, but no one bothers to replace it with a more current design. Choose quality fabrics and materials – one cheap synthetic tablecloth can spoil the impression of a carefully crafted picture.

Mackenzie Reiter Photography

Sylvie Gil Photography

Vicki Grafton

Outdoor ceremony decor can also be created with a modern twist, for example, the arch does not have to be a traditional arch. You can build a different installation that fits into the concept and visual style.

Jen Huang

Vicki Grafton

Images of the bride and groom

If you approach a classic wedding strictly, then the groom should be in a black tuxedo and a bow tie, the bride in a fluffy white dress, and guests must follow the black tie dress code. For guests, it means black tuxedos and bow ties for men, long evening gowns for women.

Jacqueline Benét Photography

The rules can be relaxed. Then the groom will wear a plain black or dark suit, and the bride will wear a long white dress of the style she likes. In this case, guests come in cocktail dresses, not evening dresses.

Molly Carr Photography

Let us dwell separately on the image of the bride. Despite the fact that the classics involve an elegant long dress, if you wish, you can choose a bolder look:

Lovely Light Imagery / Erin Kaiulani

Traditionally, the bride wears a veil, but in modern weddings it is optional. However, an appropriate hairstyle is required – usually it is an elegant low bun. Classic bridal makeup – focus on the eyes.

Vicki Grafton

Mackenzie Reiter Photography

Jacqueline Benét Photography

Anya Kernes Photography / Stephanie Brauer

It is desirable to make a wedding bouquet mainly from white flowers, choose the form at your discretion – there is no need to buy an exclusively round bouquet of white roses if you do not like them.

Corbin Gurkin

Aziz Studios / Judy Pak

The wedding cake

Order a white cake, consisting of one or more tiers. It can be smooth or decorated with voluminous flowers. For decor, take cream, not mastic – it is used less and less, because, unfortunately, mastic is rarely tasty. If you wish, you can break away on the fillings, surprising your guests with unusual combinations, for example, brownies, berry mix, pear with white chocolate.

Sotiria Mcdonald / D’arcy Benincosa

Mackenzie Reiter Photography


When choosing wedding invitations in a classic style, give preference to strict clear lines, white color and monograms made up of the first letters of your and the groom’s names. Such invitations look strictly and formally, so if you wish, you can “soften” them with the help of calligraphy. Do you want to be more modern? Choose email invitations that do not need to be printed, but can be sent by e-mail or messenger.

Vicki Grafton / Heather Payne

Molly Carr / Heather Waraksa

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