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CNN LEAK: Biden Is Preparing For The Arrest Of President Trump!

CNN LEAK: Biden Is Preparing For The Arrest Of President Trump!

Well, now, that’s another proof of Biden’s serious mental health issues!


After the impossible accusations against President Trump, the two unsuccessful and petty impeachments, now, when President Trump is only getting stronger and gathering more reliable proof against the regime that tried to crush him, NOW Biden is preparing for his arrest?!

Obviously, this guy lives in a whole “nutshell of a world” inside his own head…

And that’s the most inappropriate thing for a guy who stands in such a high position… Don’t you think?


    1. Please put Biden hunter Kamala all in a cannon and blast their lying foolish BS talking a$$es into space somewhere along with all their minions 🤨

  1. Arresting Trump is a stupid idea . Arizona is already proving Trump won the election. So what are you planning on arresting him for? And ask your self if you are ready for the consequences if you do? America is already extremely divided and you want to add fuel to an already existing fire. Stupid people. Ya’ll are the one that need to be arrested. So many crimes you can not list them all.

  2. When president trump wanted to restrict travel to and from china they called him a racist. They’re only focus was the upcoming election which was stolen and a smear campaign of the worst kind. Now the truth is starting to come out with fauci’s emails thanks to judicial watch. If there is any blame for the deaths of Americans it needs to be put at the good drs. feet.

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