Cobain’s Jackets gave their first concert

The performance took place on July 2. Due to the quarantine measures, the first concert of the Cobain Jackets project had to be held online. The live broadcast was watched by 4.5 million people.

Cobain’s Jackets are Shura Bi-2’s production project and supergroup. More than 30 famous artists took part in the recording of the debut album of the project.

The concert line-up included: Shura Bi-2, Leonid Agutin, Yuri Usachev, Tina Kuznetsova (Zventa Sventana), Anton Sevidov (Tesla Boy), Leva Bi-2, Russian neo-soul singer Sabrina, Andrey Zvonkov (Bi-2, Theory strings) – guitar, Dmitry Ashman (ex. Bravo) – bass, Alexey Maksimov – bass.

The first live project was conceived as a rave party. The stage and decorations were placed in a large hangar. The musicians performed standing on a circular platform, facing each other, with a 360-degree view for the audience. The show was directed by Mikhail Vinogradov, and the scenography was created by the company “Always Beautiful”, headed by Elizaveta Bee DVA.

Elizaveta Bee TWA: “A round stage plan was made especially for our show. This creates the effect of the viewer’s presence right on the stage, allows him to feel like a participant in the show. Choosing a hangar as a platform, we tried to show all the technical inside of the performance. We used special projection fabric and equipment, a circular truss with a controlled winch, strobe lights and fog machines. Of course, we also had uninterruptible power generators in case of power outages. “

The set-list of the concert included all the tracks from the debut album and the song of the group Bi-2 “My Rock and Roll”. For the first time in history, she sounded in a trip-hop version. Together with Shura Bi-2, the composition was performed by Tina Kuznetsova (Zventa Sventana).

Cobain Jackets are currently working on the adaptation of the song People on Escalators. The video is shot by Igor Shmelev, the author of the previous video for the song No Order and many clips of the Bi-2 group.

Supergroup Jackets Cobain presented a video for the song No order from their debut album

The song “People on Escalators” was presented live for the first time at a concert of the Bi-2 group with a symphony orchestra even before the release of the album by Jackie Cobain’s project. It was performed by Shura Bi-2 and Manizha. The composition was included in the concert album “Event Horizon with Orchestra”.

Leonid Agutin also took part in the recording of the track “People on Escalators” and in its presentation at the concert of the Cobain Jackets project.

Answering the audience’s questions after the speech, left during a live broadcast on social networks, Leonid Agutin spoke about his attitude to Cobain’s Jackets: “I think the guys are just geniuses that they turned to this genre and created such a project. This is transatmospheric music, it has special means of musical and artistic expression. Look what beauty was today. “

The online concert was hosted by Alexander Anatolyevich. After the show, he shared his impressions of the first live project: “It feels like I have attended several concerts, because the members of many bands gathered here today. A very rich program, a mix of different genres, where everyone brings their equal share. “

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