“Criminalizing an ethnic group because you don’t like Bukhari’s face is causing problems,” Assistant to President Lauretta Onochi

“Criminalizing an ethnic group because you don’t like Bukhari’s face is causing problems,” Assistant to President Lauretta Onochi

Lauretta Onochi, President of Bukhari

Lauretta Onochi, special social media aide to President Muhammadu Bukhari, has responded to controversy over orders to evict Fulani pastors in some communities in the country.

Onochi, in a series of tweets published on Monday, January 25, in response to the president’s statement that human rights activist Femi Falana is acting as a “protector of the shepherds”, insists that no tribe is free of rotten eggs.

The presidential aide, who characterized the criminalization of an ethnic group because they don’t like Bukhari’s face chasing the problem, also said there was a clever game of laundering “problems” under the Bukhari administration. that those who “benefit from the chaos have not noticed the progress this government has made.”

Onochi tweeted;


  1. Who can argue with Femi Falana SAN? Who has a counterargument against Rotimi Fashaki?

If Emeka, Chijioke, and Adanma commit crimes in any state, only Emeka, Chijioke and Adanma are arrested and charged. Not Ndigbo.

  1. If Adeleke, Ayodele and Iyabo commit crimes in any state, only Adeleke, Ayodele and Iyabo are usually arrested and charged. Not a Yoruba nation.
  2. However, when Musa, Aliya or Ibrahim is the culprit, the whole Fulani nation is to blame. Sometimes the Fulani who have lived in the area for decades suffer the consequences of crimes committed by others. Why is this? I am Fulanis, Pres Bukhari ethnic group
  3. If there is an ethnic or intercommunal clash, resulting in the loss of lives and property, we choose which to attribute to clashes between communities and which to place at the gate of d Fulanis, the @ MBuhari ethnic group, to quench their thirst for more bitterness and hatred of MBuhari
  4. There is no tribe without rotten eggs. But criminalizing an ethnic group because you don’t like the face of President Bukhari is evil and a search for problems, to put it mildly.
  5. This is a sneaky game that has been going on for a while now. With this government, there has been a reuse of “problems” to the point that those who benefit from the chaos have not noticed the progress that government has made.
  6. They asked, no, they asked for repairs. @MBuhari is not allowed to change the constitution, so he did what he could. The executive orders mean that the governors are given back their powers as top security officers for their states. No one threatens emergency
  7. After repairs, the shepherds and Boko Haram moved to Fulani. Then the international ombudsman organization released statistics showing that despite security concerns, Nigeria is safer under this government than under the previous one.
  8. Then we switched to economy d. Most of their criticisms were false. In response to the pandemic and recession in the global economy, the IMF announced that Nigeria has moved from 46th to 25th place among the best economies in the world, while maintaining its number one place in Africa. This made them angry. 10. They didn’t mention it. This was not what they wanted for Nigeria and Nigerians. They rolled through the mud in frustration. Now they are back to renovation and Fulani shepherds. They decided that two subjects who complained together would have a greater impact.
  9. Although they refused to be imprisoned, local government councils, state houses of assembly, and state magistrates were granted autonomy by decrees signed by the president. What else can he do! A fall? #BabaNoDeyDrop
  10. This threatening chaos must subside, take a deep breath and remember that this is the only nation that we can truly call “ours.” A ballot box is usually the best way to change government. It’s in 2023

Let common sense prevail. God bless Nigeria. “

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