Cursed are those who criticize God’s people – Pastor Chris Oyahilome

Cursed are those who criticize God’s people – Pastor Chris Oyahilome

Pastor Chris Oyahilome warned his faithful not to attack the people of God.

The founder and president of LoveWorld Incorporated, commonly known as the Embassy of Christ, gave advice stating that people who criticize God’s people are cursed.

On Thursday, December 31, while preaching at the cross service, the priest said that he always advises his people not to criticize the pastors.

He said:

“I usually tell those in my ministry not to criticize God’s people, especially God’s servants. Leave them alone because the Bible says, “Whatever they do, they do it for the Lord.”

You are not the one who blames another person’s servant. Do not join anyone in criticizing other ministers. I say the same to my family. Leave them alone, for there are curses on those who do it.

If you do this, you will find that the disease will not leave your home; there will always be something terrible in your family. So don’t join those who do it, they are ignorant.

Don’t let anyone push you against the Church of Christ, regardless of your political position. Refuse to accept anyone who tells you to destroy the church.

Whatever you want to do, do it, but don’t touch God’s church. I warn you, leave God’s churches alone. God’s church cannot be defeated. “

The priest appeared in the first news today after he said that the authorities have no right to tell the Church how long he should continue his ministry.

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