Dead man found hanged near police station in Okota

Dead man found hanged near police station in Okota

Apparently, this may seem like a truly unexpected event: a man was found hanged in front of a store near the police station in Okota.

A man topless was found on Saturday morning, 15 May.

Before the death of this man, who is said to be a cyclist, was allegedly seen in the area the night before at about 10:00 pm.

The witness said that the police arrived at the scene at about 8:00 am today after the man was found hanged, but left without moving the corpse.

Local residents and shopkeepers demand that the body of the man be removed as soon as possible.

It is said that local residents who saw the man’s corpse expressed their suspicion that his death could be associated with wickedness. Below are screenshots of messages sent to LIB.

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