Deadlock at ASSU / FG: University students protest across the country, calling for the immediate reopening of all universities

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Deadlock at ASSU / FG: University students protest across the country, calling for the immediate reopening of all universities

The federal government and the University Academic Staff Union received a 14-day ultimatum to address all their problems or protests across the country.

The National Association of Nigerian Students (NANS) has come to this conclusion, pushing forward its request for the immediate reopening of all universities in the country. He said he decided to organize a nationwide mass protest if the stalemate between FG and ASUU persists.

This is part of the resolutions reached in a statement released Wednesday in Enugu following the virtual emergency meeting of NANS student leaders on November 9.

According to Vanguard, the communique stated that continuing the strike was an organized crime against the careers and educational activities of the students.

He said the NANS would not hesitate to issue a 14-day ultimatum for both sides (ASUU and FG) to break the deadlock to reopen campuses or risk massive protest.

The main target of the #EndASUUStrike protest will be economic closure, according to the statement.

The statement reads in part: “This NANS states the need for at least two waiver of tuition fees for academic pursuits for Nigerian students in both government and federal institutions in the spirit of a palliative measure against COVID-19 to improve the economic impact of blockade. from a global pandemic.

“This is done in order to avoid the massive abandonment of students, which can increase crime and criminality among the country’s youth.

“The government has failed to make education a priority, hence the failure to allocate the funds needed to completely overhaul the education sector and fully revitalize university education in Nigeria.

The Association noted that governments have not allocated a significant financial envelope for this sector, in line with UNESCO’s recommendation for 26% of the budget for education.

According to students, this can be traced back to the main reason for the relentless strike by academic unions in all higher education institutions in Nigeria.

This NANS argued that ASUU’s incessant and ongoing strikes are the only tool to recognize its claims as organized crime against students’ careers and educational activities.

“As a result, NANS has no hesitation in announcing a 14-day Ultimatum for ASUU and FG to break the deadlock to reopen our campuses or risk a massive protest marked by #EndASUUStrike across the country, with economic closure in the spotlight.

“Although both the government and ASUU do not lose anything at the end of each strike, wages, promotions and other benefits, among other things, flow continuously;

“Nigerian students are the worst losers because of their careers delayed, extended stays on campus, house / dorm rental fees, NYSC age limit exceeded, federal / working age requirements. exceeding wealth among other negative effects and impacts on the overall life plan of the average Nigerian student.

which are considered to be an act of willful evil.

“This NANS, on behalf of Nigerian students, will have to apply to the Federal High Court to seek legal compensation against ASUU and FG for compensation / damages for loss of time by Nigerian students, interruption in life plan and delay in career.

“They will include; Mandatory alternative ways for ASUU to take home a request from its members without interrupting the academic calendar.

“NYSC Age Limit Extension, Mandatory Age Limit Removal for Federal and State Employment, Two Unconditional Academic Sessions, Tuition Fee Waiver, and others, respectively.”

The statement said that the NANS leadership, led by Comrade Chidi Ilohebe, will hold a press conference to speak to Nigerian students, the federal government and ASUU about our positions and further courses of action taken there.

The press release was co-signed by the press release committee headed by Mr Salahudin Lukman as President of Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria, and Mr Danlady John of Modibo Adam Federal University in Yola, Adamawa State. …

Others are Mr. Ogunsanya Rashid, President of JCC Lagos, Michael Otedol College of Elementary Education, Noforia-Epe, Lagos State, and Mr. Nwafor Joshua, Ebonyi State University, Abakaliki.

Others are Adai Pius, President of LDS, Federal Agricultural University, Makurdi State (FUAM), Benue State and Rukkaya Yusuf, ABU Zaria, Kaduna State.