Delta Youth Block East-West Road, 21-Day Ultimatum Issued in Bukhari for NDDC Unified Administration

Delta Youth Block East-West Road, 21-Day Ultimatum Issued in Bukhari for NDDC Unified Administration

It turned out that on Thursday some young people from Delta in protest blocked the axis of the Delta state of the East-West road.

They are protesting the appointment by President Muhammadu Bukhari of the single administrator of the Niger Delta Development Commission (NDDC).

Angry youths under the auspices of the Urhobo Youth Leadership Council (UYLC) stopped commercial activities and sang songs of solidarity condemning this development.

They issued a 20-day ultimatum to President Bukhari to give substantive advice to the NDDC or to prepare for a showdown.

Tribune Online reports that travelers were stuck on the east-west road when traffic to and from Port Harcourt was interrupted for several hours.

The youth were also armed with tree tugs and signs with various inscriptions, such as: “President Bukhari, obey NDDC law by appointing the main council”, “Urhobo youth are angry” and “Urhobo youth supports forensic audit but appoints the board of the Commission”.

Others include “President Bukhari, Enough Villa’s NDDC policy and substantive recommendations,” “Our roads are bad,” and “We need substantive advice at the NDDC.”

UYLC Coordinator Comrade Lucky Emonef said in a chat with reporters that Urhobo’s youth supported the forensic audit ordered by President Bukhari, stressing that “corrupt individuals must face the consequences of their actions. promotions “.

He called on President Bukhari to obey the law, in particular the provisions of Section 2 of the NDDC Establishment Act, by opening the main council, rejecting policies that allegedly play with the future of the agency and the entire people of the Niger Delta.

He said: “There are several groups of people playing at the villa in politics on the NDDC issue. They want to personally acquire the NDDC for their personal property.

“This is a council that includes people from different countries. We can only have one administrator.

“As young people from the Niger Delta, we reject the only administrator appointed by Mr. President. We want Mr. President to comply with Section 2 of the NDDC Act by opening the Council.

“We don’t care who is on the council. It’s none of our business. But we want to have Delta State Representative, Ondo State Representative, and Bayelsa State Representative. Not that only one person in Akwa Ibom could control the affairs in the Niger Delta, he said enthusiastically.

Comrade Hemonefe has pledged to mobilize young people to shut down all critical oil and gas resources owned by the federal government in the next protest if their demands are not met.

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