dementia, not Bukhari, NNA fired Bal Uthman

dementia, not Bukhari, NNA fired Bal Uthman

The “suspension” of Muhammadu Bukhari from Haji Hadiza Bala Usman as head of the Nigeria Port Authority (NPA) four months after the premature approval of her second term (months before the end of her first term) is another powerful example of his dangers. dementia degeneration.

Think about it: What sane, self-aware person would approve of an extension for a CEO six months before it expires, but then turn around and remove the same person for two months at the end of the first term on charges of doing so? date back more than four years? Before renewing someone’s mandate, shouldn’t you first check your current one and be content that it has no ethical or moral flaws to justify canceling the renewal?

Well, the truth is, Bukhari literally doesn’t think, and any assistant, partner, minister, or even friend with exclusive access to him can get him to sign anything. Supporters of Hadiza Bala Usman initially gained access to Bukhari and encouraged him to abandon the conventions, hastily approving a second term for her. So Rotimi Amaechi got another chance to meet with Bukhari and temporarily fired him. I can guarantee that when his supporters get the opportunity to meet with Bukhari again, they will force him to sign a response to his removal.

You see, as I have pointed out many times since 2018, dementia has turned Bukhari into a pitiful puppet, easily manipulated and influenced by anyone with private access to him. I brought this to attention more than two years ago in the hope that it would alarm people enough to work to prevent the catastrophe of Bukhari’s second term, who is suffering from dementia, which is now crumbling.

In my January 19, 2019 column entitled “Bukhari’s Physical and Mental Health is Now a Country Emergency”, which I urge people who have not read it to read it, and people who read it before rereading it, I wrote:

“The people around the president are well aware of his markedly reduced sensitivity and his notorious deterioration in short-term memory. As a result, he is exploited by several people close to him. Insiders at Aso Rock say Bukhari doesn’t remember anything, so no one even obeys his instructions if he gives them. Whoever saw him last makes him do what he wants.

Someone from the Presidential Villa told me that it is for this reason that the governors visit the villa several times a week; I strive to be the last person to see the president before he makes decisions and signs them. “

The sharp hesitation in mandate renewal, and then the sharp removal of Hadiza Bal ‘Usman from the NPA CEO, is just the latest example of an intolerable cascade of incomprehensible and dementia-fueled presidential decisions that Bukhari has made over the past five years.

For example, in my column titled “The Tragedy of Abba Chiari’s Surrogate Presidency” on February 22, 2020, published about two months before Abba Chiari’s death on April 17, 2020 from complications of COVID-19, I discovered how Chiari manipulated Bukhari’s dementia. in order to achieve it, he signed his dubious and unprecedented appointment as a member of the NNPC board of directors.

Here’s what I wrote: “In his surrogate presidency, Chiari is redefining the boundaries of audacious impunity and primitive greed. For example, in July 2016, he took an unprecedented step: he became a member of the NNPC board of directors and forced the insensitive Bukhari to sign!

“When Air Force Deputy Marshal Mukhtar Mohammed, a close friend of Bukhari who passed away on October 1, 2017, read about Chiari’s appointment to the NNPC board, he became worried because there was no precedent. So he called Bukhari to inform him that the appointment optics were poor, but was shocked when Bukhari told him that it was not true that he had appointed his chief of staff as a member of the NNPC board when in fact he signed up. business date, meeting.

“It turned out that Bukhari did not know what he was signing. Someone close to the late AVM Mukhtar Mohammed told me this story a few months after it happened. It was then that I began to suspect that Bukhari was being held hostage due to dementia. No one knows this better than Abba Chiari, who makes the most of it. “

On March 24, 2021, the Sahara Reporter also reported that a Bukhari driver named Saidu Afaka convinced Bukhari to sign fake documents for an NNPC contract that earned the driver millions of naira. He was betrayed by Bukhari’s former adjutant, who was initially involved in the fraud but became angry because he was defeated by Afaka, according to Sahara Reporters.

“The Sahara Reporter also came to the conclusion that it was common knowledge among the president’s entourage and cabinet that Bukhari displayed some symptoms such as forgetfulness, limited social skills and impaired thinking,” the document reads, confirming that I have written the most two years ago. “Therefore, he is not subjected to the harsh reading of reports or due diligence of documents as required by his office.”

When the Sahara Reporter reported on March 24 that Afaka had been arrested and detained by DSS, there was no official response. But when he died on April 6, 2021 in a typical manner of manipulation and mind control, the president said that Afaka died “after a long illness.” And after the Sahara Reporter said he was “tortured by DSS before being taken to the State House clinic in Abuja, where he later died,” DSS was ordered to deny it.

Unfortunately, there are many other examples when Bukhari’s soullessness was armed and used for a variety of things by people close to him, about whom the public did not suspect. In fact, Bukhari is in an unrelenting cognitive and mental decline. His dementia-fueled presidential pendulum swing is simply the outward expression of a deeply decrepit and dysfunctional personality that should not rule any country.

Alas, now it is too late to do something. The only legal course of action at this time to save the situation is for the National Assembly to invoke the constitution to blame and remove him.

But everyone knows that there is no chance for snowballs in Hell. Certainly not with the unscrupulous slave automatons currently heading the Senate and House of Representatives. So we’re stuck.

Connect the dots between Aisha Bukhari and the armed invasion of Aso Rok

When Sahara Reporters reported on December 5, 2020 that Aisha Bukhari had fled to Dubai because of the “unsafe environment at Villa Aso,” it sounded skeptical and ridiculous.

So, on May 10, the Peoples Gazette reported that “militants” “invaded” the residences of Bukhari’s head of administration Ibrahim Gambari and Abdullahi Maikano, an administrative officer of Aso Villa, in the residences of Aso Rok and took away “valuables.”

The presidency almost confirmed this story, but added a mandatory official lie that it was just a “stupid attempt” burglary. Well, let’s connect the dots.

If even the most fortified place in the country is not safe enough for Bukhari’s wife – and her chief of staff is vulnerable to armed raids – where is she safe?

It is even worse when the person who should be most concerned about this is not even alive enough to know what is happening around him, let alone what is happening in the country.

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