Demolition: Victor Nnam renounces the property marked in the Dimond property

The besieged former land commissioner in the state of Enugu, Dr. Victor Nnam, who recently resigned, has denied a property marked for demolition by the Enugu Capital Territory Development Authority, ECTDA.

Last week the ECDA had pasted a notice for the demolition of a duplex located in Diamond Estate in the city of coal for non-compliance with building permits.

But Nnam in an interview with our reporter claimed that he is not the owner of the property, saying that giving his name to the property would have been a mistake by the ECTDA.

Nnam said: “The property doesn’t belong to me in the first place. The property belongs to a surveyor, but what brought about this is that they wrote the notice in my name and stuck it in a house that doesn’t belong to me.

“A tenant who lives there said that when the Capital Territory came and he pasted the order, he broke it and sent it to me because the notice is there with my name and that is why I gave it to me. he sent and I told him I don’t know anything about it.

“This is normal Capital Territory routine, but I have to believe the guy sent them the approvals because he has all the approvals. Maybe they want to check if the building has approval or maybe they want to check if I am the owner of the building but I have good relations with the Capital Territory and I know that the President of the Capital Territory does his job diligently and I have advised the owner of the property to provide him with all payments and authorizations “.

Nnam said it was because his name is currently trending in the state of Enugu that probably brought him into contact with the property. He pointed out that the property does not belong to him, implying that it was possible that someone had misled the agency into connecting it with the building.

The president of the ECTDA, Dr. Josef Onoh however said the agency is apolitical and does not practice revenge, stating that the notices were normal routine activities of the agency.

Onoh said: “We are not interested in the owner or anyone else. Ours is a general review, periodic review and application of development control. The fact that people have built a house and live in it does not prevent the control of development. We usually come back for an overhaul to make sure the house has been built to standards.

“Our control measure isn’t just limited to that house, it’s just that some people are now trying to politicize it and cheap bloggers are trying to take advantage of the opportunity to sell their blogs with disinformation to the general public.”

He added that the agency acknowledges that Nnam is a former commissioner who deserves courtesy, stating that a warning does not necessarily mean an outright demolition, but a step towards repairing any mistakes a developer may have.

Source: – Akelicious

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